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essensys Platform - Account management
essensys Platform - Account management

How do I create and manage Account details? | Landlord | Operator | Team Member | Services | Telephony

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Account management is the process of managing the details of an operator (landlord) at one or more sites. That is, creating service and telephony details for use by the operator, and also creating team member accounts for those users who are employed by the operator at the site or sites.

You need to use the Account pages to create the following in the essensys Platform:

  • Team members; that is, employees of the operator's organization assigned to one or more sites. They may access the essensys Platform if they are a super admin or admin user, and may be assigned equipment (for example, phone numbers).

  • Services consumed by the operator at the site or sites.

  • Telephony; that is, the phone numbers assigned to the operator at the site or sites.

Modeling Considerations

It is really important to understand the difference between an operator team member (Account user), and the occupier users:

  • The team member works for the operator (landlord). They are an employee of the landlord and not one of the tenants, and they have access to services accordingly.
    Example: If the operator manages a reception desk at a site, team members could include workers manning that reception, who could have telephones and consume services there.

  • The occupier user is employed by an occupier (tenant), who typically leases space from the operator.

Info: If access to the spaces at your site is managed using the essensys Smart Access module, operator users may also be granted or denied access to spaces.

How do I model my account and team members?

Before you begin

Before you can begin managing your account and your team members, you need to ensure the following has taken place:

  • The site and network are modeled in the essensys Platform.

  • The operator has been created in the essensys Platform.

How do I access the account management pages?

  • Click Account in the main menu.
    The Account page opens. The account itself is added to the essensys Platform by essensys.

What does account management entail?

The available account management tasks are represented by the tabs along the top of the Account page.

Use the pages accessed from these tabs to:

  1. View and create Team Members.
    Click Add a team member to create a new user account for a member of the operator's team.
    These users are employees who work for the operator. When you create a user, you can opt to create a Wi-Fi Secure account (a password-secured Wi-Fi account), invite the user to use the essensys Platform (if they are an admin or user), and associate them with the sites they work at.

  2. Manage Operator Services at each site.
    Select the services to activate for use by the operators at each site.

  3. Add and connect account Wi-Fi devices.
    Connect shared Wi-Fi enabled devices, such as printers and AV systems, for this operator at this site.

  4. Configure account Telephony at each site.
    Activate and configure the phone numbers that have been allocated to the operator, including assigning numbers to particular team members and setting call features.

  5. Create operator contact details.
    Capture contact email addresses for essensys to use when communicating multi-site service updates and any cross-site service issues to you (emergency contact).

Info: Where multiple sites are managed by the operator, you will need to define details of Services and Telephony by site.

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