Once Space management is complete (describing your site and its floors and spaces), the Network management steps begin. Network management enables configuration of the network infrastructure at your site.

The Network management features in the essensys Platform enable network infrastructure monitoring and management.

Important: Your racks and switches will be modeled by essensys and cannot be edited in the essensys Platform. Depending on your agreement with essensys, we will typically model your network on your behalf, including patching your ports as part of on-boarding.

Network Considerations

You can view network infrastructure in detailed, per-site, views. This allows you to understand the current view of your network, patch and manage ports, and to perform some maintenance tasks (for example, power cycling).

Important: If you make updates, it is your responsibility to ensure that the network information in the essensys Platform reflects the actual state of the physical network. For example, if you update the connection (Ethernet cable) between your floor port and switch port, you also need to update the description in the essensys Platform.

How is my network modeled?

How do I access the network management pages?

The core Network management tasks are performed in the Site pages:

  1. Click Spaces in the main menu to open the Site page.

  2. Click a <site name> in the Site list. The Site Overview opens in the main editor.

The tabs enable access to the main network management pages:

  • Click Switches to view the Switches at the selected site.

  • Click Telephony to manage the phone numbers at the site, and allocate those phone numbers to an occupier or the operator manually.

What does network management entail?

  • Switch monitoring and maintenance.
    Switches are used to connect multiple devices within a building, and get them onto the internet. The connected devices include routers at your wireless access points, your desk phones, and so on. A switch enables connected devices to share information and, via their port roles, to know how to talk to one another.
    From the Switches page, you can view switch details, manage switch ports, and power Cycle (restarting the power to the switch port).

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