For each occupier (tenant) that leases or books spaces, or consumes services at a site, we may create the following details in the essensys Platform:

  • Contracts held by the occupier.

  • Services consumed by the occupier at the site.

  • Details of phone numbers and Wi-Fi devices assigned to the occupier at the site or sites.

  • Occupier users; that is, employees of the occupier's organization who may have access to the site, or be assigned equipment (for example, phone numbers).

  • Details of Billing and Charges associated with the occupier account.

Tip: If an occupier user needs access to doors at the site, they can be added to a group, which associates doors and users. This is managed by Smart Access.

Modelling Considerations

To offer any services to the occupier using the essensys Platform, the occupier's contract must be modelled as a minimum.

How do I model my occupiers?

Before you begin

Before you can begin managing your occupiers, you need to ensure the following has taken place:

  • The site and network are modelled in the essensys Platform.

  • The occupier has a legal contract with yourself, which you can model in the essensys Platform.

How do I access the occupier management pages?

  1. Click Occupiers in the main menu.
    The Occupiers page opens.

  2. Click Add an Occupier to create a new occupier account.

What does occupier management entail?

The available occupier management tasks are represented by the tabs along the top of the Occupiers page.

Use the pages accessed from these tabs to:

  1. Create Occupier Contracts.
    This is the minimum required occupier detail. The contract represents the agreement between the operator (landlord) and occupier (tenant).
    Important: All occupiers must have an active contract with essensys. This is a minimum requirement for any occupier, so you will need to create a contract before you can perform any of the other occupier tasks.

  2. Manage Occupier Services.
    Select the services that the occupier wants to activate at a site.
    Example: You might provide voice services (incorporating a number of phone lines, IVR, and call features) for an occupier at their site.

  3. Create Occupier Users.
    These users are employees who work for the occupier. When you create a occupier user, you can opt to create a Wi-Fi Secure account (a password-secured Wi-Fi account), invite the user to use the essensys Mobile App, and give them access to spaces using Smart Access groups.

  4. Create Occupier Wi-Fi devices.
    Model the Wi-Fi enabled devices at the site, so that they can be used by the occupiers.

  5. View monthly Occupier Billing reports.
    Download monthly usage and services reports.

  6. View and add Charges.
    When an occupier takes out a lease, makes a booking, or purchases a service, a charge is created automatically in the charges list.
    Where the operator makes an ad hoc sale to their occupier using a generic product, they do so by adding a charge to this list.

  7. Configure Occupier Telephony:

    • Assign phone numbers to particular occupier users, and configure details.

    • Set up the main number, including call handling details. The main number is the number that you would call to reach this company at this site.

Info: Where multiple sites are in use by the occupier, details of Services, Billing, Charges, and Telephony are defined by site.

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