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essensys Platform - Occupier management
essensys Platform - Occupier management

How do I create and manage occupier details? | Tenant | Occupier | Contracts | Services | Users | Wi-Fi | Call charges | Telephony

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For each occupier (tenant) that leases spaces or consumes services at a site or sites, we may create the following details in the essensys Platform:

  • Contracts held by the occupier. Contracts link the occupier to a site, and constrain the site accesses and leased spaces (occupancies) at that site.

  • Services consumed by the occupier at each site.

  • Occupier users. Employees of the occupier organization who might connect to the internet using Wi-Fi Secure or be assigned equipment (for example, a desk phone).

  • Wi-Fi devices and phone numbers used by the occupier.

  • Reports describing call charges associated with the occupier.

  • Details of the occupier's network.

How do I model my occupiers?

Before you begin

You can only create and manage occupiers after you have created your network in the essensys Platform. See:

How do I access the occupier management pages?

  • Click Occupiers in the main menu.
    The Occupiers page opens. The existing occupiers, and the option to set up a new occupier, are displayed in the left-hand panel.

What does occupier management entail?

The available occupier management tasks are represented by the tabs along the top of the Occupiers page:

  • Contracts:

    • Occupier setup.
      Create a new occupier, define their occupancies, and activate their services.

    • Manage contracts.
      Add another site, and edit or discard existing contracts. This affects the occupier's accesses at a site.

    • Update space occupancies (space move).
      Update your occupier's leased spaces, adding or removing spaces for them as their teams grow or they change their working patterns.

  • Services:
    Select the services that the occupier wants to activate.
    Example: You might provide voice services, incorporating phone lines, call features, and so on, for an occupier at a particular site.

  • Users:
    Occupier users are employees who work for the occupier. Tip: When you create an occupier user, you can create them a Wi-Fi Secure account, and invite them to use the white-labeled essensys mobile app and portal.

  • Wi-Fi devices:
    Add and connect shared Wi-Fi enabled devices, such as printers and AV systems.

  • Call charges:
    View and download call charge reports for this occupier. These monthly reports describe voice service usage, summarizing call details for analysis.

  • Telephony:
    Activate and configure the phone numbers that have been allocated to the occupier, including main numbers.

  • Network Information:
    View details of the occupier's network, including details of their VLANs and IP addresses.

  • Occupier config:

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