Set up your Wi-Fi devices (printers, personal assistants, and so on) in the essensys Platform so that you can connect your device to the WiFi Device or WiFi MAC network.

Important: Depending on your agreement with essensys, we may set up some or all of your Wi-Fi devices on your behalf as part of onboarding.

Managing Wi-Fi devices

Accessing the Wi-Fi devices page for the operator Wi-Fi

There are different locations available to add Wi-Fi devices, depending on whether that device is for the whole site or operator, or for a particular occupier at the site.

  1. Click Spaces in the main menu.

  2. Select the Site in the Sites menu.

  3. Click the Wi-Fi devices tab.

The Wi-Fi devices page opens. This page shows all of the Wi-Fi devices that are modeled in the essensys Platform for the operator.

Add and connect a Wi-Fi device

Important: You need to BOTH create the Wi-Fi device in the essensys Platform AND connect the device to the correct network.

  1. Add the device.

    1. From the Wi-Fi devices page, click Add a device.

    2. Specify the details for your device as described in Wi-Fi device details.

    3. Click Add device.

      The device is added in the PROVISIONING state, and will be enabled and ready to connect to the network within a short period.
      Tip: You may need to refresh the page to see the device changing to the ENABLED state.

  2. Connect the device.
    Once you've added your device and it is in the ENABLED state, you need to connect it to the wireless network.
    Tip: If you do not know how to connect your device to a wireless network, you should consult the help materials for your device from the device manufacturer.
    The details that you need from essensys are as follows:

    • The essensys Wi-Fi device network that you need to connect to will be one of:

      • WiFi Device

      • WiFi MAC

    • If your network is WiFi Device, you need to enter the Wi-Fi device password. To get your device password: Contact us.

    • If your network is called WiFi MAC, you do not need a password to connect.
      The MAC address is effectively the password for this type of connection.
      Note: You may get some warnings about the connection being insecure, this is normal as the network doesn't have a password.

  3. Once the Wi-Fi device is added and connected to the network, you should test that you can use it.

Wi-Fi device details

Add a device



Device name

The name of the device.

This should be recognizable to the users of the device.

Device type

The type of device this is.

MAC Address

The MAC address for the device.

Every device will have a MAC address. This is normally printed on the device but may be found in the device's settings.

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