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essensys Platform - Network management - Add and Connect Wi-Fi devices
essensys Platform - Network management - Add and Connect Wi-Fi devices

How do I connect my shared devices to the Wi-Fi device network? | Wifi Device | Wifi MAC | shared | Operator Account | Occupier | Communal

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Set up shared Wi-Fi devices, such as printers, personal assistants, and so on, in the essensys Platform and then connect them to the essensys Wi-Fi device network (WiFi Device or WiFi MAC).

To connect a Wi-Fi device, you need to:

  1. Add the device to the correct list of Wi-Fi devices in the essensys Platform.

  2. Connect that device to the essensys Wi-Fi device network.

Important: Depending on your agreement with essensys, we may set up some or all of your Wi-Fi devices on your behalf as part of on-boarding.

Important: MAC based authentication as used here to add devices, is less secure than the certificate based autherntication used on Wi-Fi Secure. Private devices, such as laptops must use the Wi-Fi Secure network. For more information about the different types of broadcast Wi-Fi at your site, see Wi-Fi overview.

Managing Wi-Fi devices

Accessing the correct Wi-Fi devices page

There are different pages in the essensys Platform for adding shared Wi-Fi devices, depending on whether they are operator devices, devices belonging to a particular occupier, or communal devices that can be used by anyone.

You need to add the device to the Wi-Fi devices page that reflects its type:

  • For an operator device:

    1. Click Account in the main menu.

    2. Click the Wi-Fi devices tab.

    3. Select the Site in the Sites menu.
      The Wi-Fi devices page opens.

  • For an occupier device:

    1. Click Occupiers in the main menu.

    2. Select the <Occupier> in the Occupiers menu.

    3. Click the Wi-Fi devices tab.
      The Wi-Fi devices page opens.

  • For a communal device:
    Setting up this type of device is currently managed by essensys. To add a device of this type, contact us.
    Note: Communal devices can be used by anyone at the site, and are typically located in Flex office spaces.

Add and connect a Wi-Fi device

Important: You need to BOTH add the Wi-Fi device to the essensys Platform AND connect it to the network.

  1. Add the device.

    1. From the Wi-Fi devices page, click Add a device.
      This option is available at the top of the devices list.

    2. Specify the details for your device as described in Wi-Fi device details.

    3. Click Add device.

      The device is added in the PROVISIONING state, and will be enabled and ready to connect to the network within a short period.
      Tip: You may need to refresh the page to see the device changing to the ENABLED state.

  2. Connect the Wi-Fi device to the network.
    Once you have added your device and it is in the ENABLED state, you need to connect it to the wireless network.
    Tip: If you do not know how to connect your device to a wireless network, you should consult the help materials for your device from the device manufacturer.
    The details that you need from essensys are as follows:

    • The essensys Wi-Fi device network that you need to connect to will be one of:

      • WiFi Device

      • WiFi MAC

    • If your network is called "WiFi Device", you need to enter the Wi-Fi device password. To get your device password, see View the Wi-Fi device password.

    • If your network is called "WiFi MAC", you do not need a password to connect.
      The MAC address is effectively the password for this type of connection.
      Note: You may receive some warnings about the connection being insecure, this is normal as the network doesn't have a password.

  3. Once the Wi-Fi device is added and connected to the network, you should test that you can use it.

View the Wi-Fi device password

One Wi-Fi device password is created per site. This process describes how to view that password when connecting a particular device to the Wi-Fi device network.

From the Wi-Fi devices page:

  1. From the list of devices, select the device that you want to connect to the Wi-Fi device network.

  2. Click Wi-Fi password.
    The Connect to Wi-Fi dialog box opens. The Wi-Fi device password field provides the password that you need to enter when connecting to the Wi-Fi device network.

  3. Optionally, click the Copy button alongside the password to copy the password to your clipboard.

Tip: You can also see this password in the Add a device and Edit device dialog boxes.

Wi-Fi device details

Wi-Fi device details




  • Name

  • Edit

  • Delete

The name of the selected Wi-Fi device and the options to edit and delete it.

  • Click Edit to open the Edit device dialog box for the currently selected Wi-Fi device.

  • Click Delete to delete the device from the essensys Platform.

Note: Deleting a device from the essensys Platform prevents that device from connecting to the Wi-Fi.


  • Description

  • MAC address

The standard device details. For more details, see Add a device.

Wi-Fi access status

The current status of the Wi-Fi device:

  • Provisioning - The Wi-Fi device details have been captured, but the device cannot be used yet.

  • Enabled - The Wi-Fi device is present on the system and can be connected to the WiFi Device network.

  • Disabled - The Wi-Fi device can not be connected to the WiFi Device network.

Note: If your Wi-Fi device is disabled, you should contact us for assistance.

Add a device

Note: The Add a device dialog box incorporates a Site selector where the device is being added for an occupier. For an account device, the site is selected when navigating to this page.



Device name

The name of the device.

This should be recognizable to the users of the device.

Device description

This is a long-form description, typically indicating what type of device this is.

MAC Address

The MAC address for the device.

Every device will have a MAC address. This is normally printed on the device, but may be found in the device's settings.

Note: You cannot edit your device's MAC address once it has been created. If you want to change the MAC address, you should just add a new device.


Occupier only.

The site that the device is located at.

The list is filtered to include the sites that the occupier's contracts are associated with.

Note: When you select a site, the Wi-Fi device password field is populated with the password for the occupier at this site.

Wi-Fi device password

The password that you should use when connecting the selected device to the WiFi device network.

Info: This password is common to all Wi-Fi devices at this site.

Tip: You can click Copy to copy the password to your clipboard.

Further information

  • Private devices, such your laptop, should be connected to the Wi-Fi Secure network and not the Wi-Fi device network. For more information, see Wi-Fi overview.

  • If you have a communal device that you want to make available to anyone at your site, you should raise a case with essensys to add that device to the communal Wi-Fi device network. See contact us.

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