Occupier management
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essensys Platform - Occupier setup (New client)How do I create a new occupier and set up their spaces and services?
essensys Platform - Manage contractsHow do I update the details of an existing contract? | Occupier | Dates and basic details |
essensys Platform - Update space occupancies (Space move)How do I add a new occupancy? | Guided occupier | Add space | Remove space | Space move
essensys Platform - Service guideHow do I access a service, set up, and usage guide for an occupier contract? | Contract | Service guide | telephony | Wi-Fi | Welcome pack
essensys Platform - Manage servicesHow do I add and manage services for my occupier? | Voice and Internet | Call features | Tariff | Service Level | Bandwidth | Public IP |
essensys Platform - Occupier management - Understanding voice servicesHow are voice services managed from essensys Platform? | Add services | Manage services | Post-creation configuration | Automatic allocation
essensys Platform - Create usersHow do I create occupier users? | occupier | Create user | assigned telephony | sites | Wi-Fi Secure | experience access
essensys Platform - Create users in bulkHow do I create occupier users in bulk? | occupier | Create user | Smart Access | Wi-Fi Secure | Bulk Users | On-boarding |
essensys Platform - Occupier management - Edit users in bulk
essensys Platform - Occupier management - Delete users in bulkHow do I delete a group of selected users in bulk? | Occupier user | Delete |
essensys Platform - Occupier management - User Wi-Fi historyHow do I view details of an occupier user's Wi-Fi use? | Wi-Fi Secure | Reports | Wi-Fi homesite | Roaming
essensys Platform - Occupier management - Call chargesHow do I view details of an occupier's calls? | Call charges | Summarized calls | Itemized calls | Occupier
essensys Platform - Network infoHow do I find out the network details for an occupier at a particular site? | Public IP | Private IP | Occupier VLAN | Disable DHCP |
essensys Platform - Occupier configHow do I manage the basic configuration for an occupier? | Change name | Update billing reference | Change external IDs
essensys Platform - Occupier management - Occupier site move
essensys Platform - Decommissioning an occupierHow do I decommission an occupier across all sites? | Delete occupier devices and users | End contracts, occupancies, and services |
essensys Platform - Occupier management - Platform search for usersHow do I jump to details of a particular occupier user from any page in the platform? | Occupier user | Platform search | Quick