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essensys Platform - Occupier management - Call charges

How do I view details of an occupier's calls? | Call charges | Summarized calls | Itemized calls | Occupier

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The Call charges page is used to show the itemized or summarized call details for voice services in a particular month. These monthly reports are downloaded as CSV documents.

Important: The Call charges report is only available if essensys manage telephony services for this occupier.

Tip: There is an equivalent report for operators who are monitoring all calls from their site or sites under Operations > Billing > Services. See Billing Services.

View call charges

Accessing the Report

  1. Click Occupiers in the main menu.
    The Occupiers page opens.

  2. Select the Occupier whose service details you are interested in.

  3. Click the Call charges tab.
    The call charges report opens. By default, the data reflect call charges made by the selected occupier in the current month.

  4. Use the drop-down list at the top-right of the page to select the date for the report.
    The reports that are available for the selected month are displayed in the main editor.
    Note: Where there is no report, the relevant row displays a 'Not available in the current month' warning. This warning is seen:

    • When the current month is selected.

    • When the occupier does not use voice services.

    • When there is no data available for the calls.

Downloading the Reports

  1. Select the reports that you want to download:

    • Select all. Selects all reports in the list.

    • Per-extension summary. Selects the report showing occupier calls from extension numbers. For more information, see Per extension (summary).

    • Itemized call. Selects the report showing more call details for the occupier. For more information, see Itemized call.

  2. Click the Download icon at the top of the main editor to download the selected report or reports.
    Note: If you selected multiple reports or the Select All option, the download will create a zip file containing all of the selected reports.

Tip: You can also hover over an individual report name and click the inline Download icon, to download just that one report as a CSV file.

Service Report Details

Per extension (summary)




The phone number.

Total Billable

The number of calls that were identified as billable in the selected month.


The charge to the occupier for the total billable calls.

Itemized call

Each row represents a call to one of the occupier's phone numbers.



Originating Number

The phone number that called.

Destination Number

The phone number that received the call.

Call Date

The date on which the call was received.

Call Time

The time of the received call.


  • Secs

  • hh:mm:sec

The duration of the call in seconds and in the standard hours:minutes:seconds format.


The description from the occupier's tariff. Their charge band.

Time Band

The time band when the call was made. Typical values:

  • Peak

  • Off peak

  • Weekend


The charge specifically for this call.

Free Seconds

Any free seconds that have been applied as part of their bundle.

Connection fee

A flat charge applied on answering a call (on connection).

Charge (exc Free Seconds)

The charge specifically for this call excluding any free seconds.


The tariff applied for this call.

Auth code

Where the authorization code dialing functionality is enabled, this is the authorization code that the user must enter to make a non-emergency call from a "locked" handset.

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