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essensys Platform - Occupier management - Occupier site move
essensys Platform - Occupier management - Occupier site move
Written by John Howell
Updated over a week ago

If you have more than one site, you may receive a request to move an Occupier from one site to another. This could be for many different reasons, but, assuming the sites the Occupier is moving from & to are being managed through essensys platform, below describes the necessary steps to immediately move an Occupier or schedule this change for a future date. You will be guided through the steps to:

  • Set up a new contract at the site the Occupier is moving to

  • Copy the existing services from the original site to the new site

  • Return to the original contract to complete & de-provisioning the services.

Note: If the occupier has provisioned telephony services & allocated numbers, there is an additional required step.

Occupier Site move

Before you begin

The site and network must be present in the essensys Platform. See:

Step 1 - Navigate to the Occupier

  1. Click Occupier in the main menu (left hand side)

    The Occupiers page opens.

  2. Select the Occupier who is moving between essensys powered sites.

  3. The selected occupier should have at least 1 existing active contract at a site.

    1. If the contract has completed by accident, the contract can be re-activated

Step 2 - Set them up at the new site

  1. On the Contracts tab of the moving Occupier, select "Set up another site"

  2. Specify the details for the occupier at the new site:

    1. See "Set up another site" (Step 4 in Occupier management page)

  3. If the Occupier is expecting the same services between sites, ensure to opt into the "copy services to another site"

Step 3 - Set an end date for their existing site contract

  1. Following step 2, return to the contracts tab & the new site should now be in place

  2. Find the contract at the site the Occupier is exiting

  3. Check the end date of the existing contract is as per the move date, if not then the contract details can be edited & the end date set.

  4. You can also set the services to be automatically deprovisioned on the end date which will mean services are no longer provided or billed as per the new end date.

    1. Services scheduled to be deprovisioned will be removed at the end of the day of the selected date.

Additional information

  1. Services such as IP addresses cannot be transitioned as part of this process. The existing will be removed & replaced with a new IP address where instructed to do so.

  2. Telephone numbers are also not transitioned across in this process. If an Occupier is insistent on transferring telephone numbers from site to site, please contact essensys support who may be able to assist.

    1. For smoothest transition of an Occupier's telephony, please contact us 48hrs in advance

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