Where telephony services are managed by essensys, the operator can use the essensys Platform to:

  • Reserve phone numbers for use by occupiers or the operator as required.
    If phone numbers are provisioned for the site by essensys they can be allocated to an occupier or the operator, reserving the number for the selected account.

  • Configure a main number for an occupier or the operator account.
    If there is a main number for an account, it is typically used as the reception number. Configuring this number sets up group features, such as those describing how to handle incoming calls that arrive outside of business hours.

  • Activate, assign, and configure phone numbers for individual occupier users or operator team members.
    These phone numbers are typically associated with handsets that have been installed at the occupier's or operator's desks or in shared areas, and that may be assigned to particular users.

Important: The phone numbers for your site are provisioned by essensys. Your main number may be nominated and activated by essensys. Depending on our agreement, we may also complete some allocations and assignments on your behalf.

Note: If you have special numbers, for example, you are porting numbers in from elsewhere, you should contact us.

Set Up Telephony

Before you begin

You need to ensure the following has already taken place:

  • Your spaces and network are modeled in the essensys Platform (spaces, switch, and port patching).

  • The phone numbers for the site are provisioned by essensys, and so are visible in the Site Telephony page. To access this page, click Spaces > <Site> > Telephony.

Important: If you are manually allocating a main number from the Site Telephony page, you must select a number that has already been nominated as a main number by essensys.

How do I access the telephony pages?

There are a number of Telephony pages in the essensys Platform. The one to use depends on the task you are performing or the account the number is allocated to.

From the main menu:

  • To view the provisioned numbers for the site and manually allocate them to occupiers or the operator, click Spaces, select the site whose numbers you are interested in, and click Telephony.

  • To manage phone numbers that belong to a particular occupier, click Occupiers, select the occupier whose numbers you want to manage, and click Telephony.

  • To manage the operator's phone numbers, click Account > Telephony.

What does telephony management entail?

  1. Reserve / allocate provisioned phone numbers for an occupier or the operator. There are two processes you can follow:

    • If you want to select specific numbers, or a specific range of numbers, see Manually allocate site numbers.

    • If you are happy to accept any numbers from the pool of provisioned numbers, Assign a voice service for the occupier or operator.
      Note: This will allocate numbers automatically, according to the rules associated with your site and selected services.

  2. Configure telephony at the operator account. These are the numbers used by your operator team.
    From the Account > Telephony page:

    1. Configure the main number.

    2. Activate, configure, and assign any phone numbers.

  3. Configure the telephony at an occupier account. These are the numbers used by occupier users.
    From the Occupiers > <Occupier> > Telephony page:

    1. Configure the main number.

    2. Activate, configure, and assign any phone numbers.

What next?

Once all of the numbers are set up, you can configure your phone number settings on an individual number basis.

Further information

  • When you manually allocate phone numbers from the site list to an occupier or the operator, you select a particular number or range of numbers. This is important if you want an occupier to have a particular phone number, for example.

  • If an occupier or the operator is assigned a voice service, but they have not been manually allocated enough phone numbers for that service from the site list, numbers are allocated automatically.

  • Main numbers are nominated as such and then activated by essensys.

  • Individual operator users (account team members) can manage their own phone number settings, and the phone number settings for their occupiers, on an ongoing basis in the essensys Platform.

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