The first stage of Telephony management in the essensys Platform is to reserve phone numbers for use by your occupiers or your own team at a site. You may want to:

  • Allocate provisioned phone numbers at the site to the occupier or operator. Allocation reserves the number for use by the organization.
    Alternative: Phone numbers are also allocated automatically when a voice service is assigned to the operator or occupier.

  • Activate allocated phone numbers for use.

Managing phone numbers

You can use the Site Telephony page to:

  • View details of all phone numbers provisioned at a site.

  • Allocate phone numbers to an occupier or to the operator.

  • Deallocate phone numbers to release them back into the pool of available numbers.
    Note: It is only possible to deallocate a phone number that is not currently activated.

  • Activate allocated phone numbers for use.

  • Deactivate unassigned phone numbers.

Before you begin

  • Any number that you want to allocate to a particular occupier or to the operator should be provisioned for this site by essensys. Where that is the case, the number will appear in the Site Telephony view.

  • Some numbers should be nominated as main numbers by essensys in advance.

Accessing Site Telephony

To view the phone numbers that have been provisioned for a site:

  1. Click Spaces in the main menu.
    The Site page opens.

  2. Select the site whose numbers you are interested in.

  3. Click the Telephony tab.
    The Site Telephony page opens. This page displays the phone numbers that have been provisioned at the selected site.

Important: If your operator or occupier requires a main number, you must allocate a number from this list that has already been nominated as a main number by essensys.

Allocate a phone number

This procedure allocates a phone number that is available at your site to the operator organization (the landlord company) or to an occupier organization (a tenant company). The effect of allocation is to reserve the specific phone numbers for the organization.

When hovering your cursor over a phone number in the list:

  1. Click Allocate.
    Info: If there is no Allocate icon, the selected phone number cannot be allocated. For more information, see Phone number controls.
    The Allocate phone number dialog box opens.

  2. If you want to allocate the number to the operator, select <operator name>.

  3. If you want to allocate the number to one of your occupiers:

    1. Select Occupier.

    2. Select the intended occupier from the drop-down list.

  4. Click Submit.

Once phone numbers are allocated, they can be Activated on this page, or activated and managed in the appropriate Account > Telephony or Occupiers > Telephony page.

Managing phone numbers at the site

  • If you want to deallocate a number and return it to the pool of available numbers, click the deallocate option that has replaced the allocate option in this view.

  • You can only deallocate a number if it is not currently activated.

Site Telephony Details

The Site's Telephony page shows the list of phone numbers that are provisioned at the site.

Header (Filter and Download)

The controls at the top-right of the page filter the phone number list to include only those phone numbers with a particular status.



Status filter:

  • All statuses

  • <status name>

Filter the list to include only those phone numbers with a particular status.

  • All statuses - includes phone numbers in any of the possible statuses. That is, it does not filter the results.

  • <status name> - Show only phone numbers with a particular status. For details, see Telephony status reference.

Note: You can only select statuses that are present in the unfiltered phone number list.

Filter by allocation:

  • Unallocated

  • Allocated to operator

  • Allocated to an occupier

    • <occupier>

Filter the list to include only those phone numbers that are:

  • Not allocated to an organization.

  • Allocated to the operator at this site.

  • Allocated to an occupier at this site. When the occupier option is selected, unallocated numbers and numbers that are allocated to the operator are filtered out. The <occupier> drop-down list opens, and you can select a specific occupier from it to include only those numbers that are allocated to that selected occupier.

Show all:

  • Assigned

  • Unassigned

Filter the list to include only those phone numbers that are:

  • Assigned to a particular occupier user or account team member.

  • Unassigned. That is, not assigned to a particular user or team member.


Download details of the phone numbers that are currently visible on the page to a CSV file.


Search the list of phone numbers for either the whole value or partial value of the phone number.

Tip: Do not include any spaces in the searched number.

Static details

Each phone number presented in the list has the following static details:



Phone number

The provisioned phone number.


The corresponding internal extension number.


The current phone number status.

This value depends on the phone number's allocation and provisioning details.

For details of the possible statuses, see Telephony status reference.

Allocated to

On allocation, the numbers are reserved for use by the named organization only.

  • Where the number has been allocated to a particular occupier, this value is the name of that occupier.

  • Where the number has been allocated to the operator, this value is Operator.

Cooling off date

Any Cooling Off Date that may be in force.

If a cooling off period is in force (the cooling off date is not passed), the phone number cannot be allocated to an occupier or the operator.

Main number

If this row represents a Main Number, the text Main number is present.

A main number is typically the number you would call to reach the reception area for the occupier or operator at a site.

Range name

The name of the range of numbers that the phone number belongs to.

Warnings and information:

  • Update in progress (refresh)

Indicates that a requested change to the phone number is in progress. While this indication is shown, you cannot make another edit.

Click Refresh to refresh the page and update the status.

Phone number controls (buttons)

Each phone number presented on this page may have the following buttons or controls to enable changes, shown when hovering your cursor over the row:




Where no controls are offered on hover, the current status of the phone number disallows any of the possible actions.

For example, where the number is in the cooldown state, it cannot be allocated or activated, so those controls are not offered.

  • Allocate

  • Deallocate

Click to:

  • Allocate (reserve) the number for a particular occupier or the operator.

  • If the number is allocated and not activated, you can Deallocate it.

A deallocated number is returned to the pool of available numbers at the site, and can be allocated to another occupier or the operator as required.

  • Activate

  • Deactivate

Once a phone number is allocated to an occupier or the operator, you can:

  • Activate the phone number to put it into service for the occupier or operator.

  • If the number is ACTIVE and not assigned, you can Deactivate it to take it out of service, remove all of the custom phone number configuration, and set the PIN back to its default value (Default PIN).

Lock icon

Where there is a Lock icon, the phone number has been manually locked by essensys and cannot be allocated to an occupier or the operator.

For example, your remote access voicemail number (RAN) cannot be allocated to a client and so is locked to prevent any disruption to the service.

For more information or to change this status, contact us.

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