As part of the Telephony management at your site, you may need to:

  • View the provisioned phone numbers at the site.

  • Allocate those phone numbers to the correct occupier or the operator account (the organization, rather than a user).

Tip: Alternatively, phone numbers may be allocated to the operator or an occupier automatically when a voice service is assigned.

Managing phone numbers

You can use the Site Telephony page to make the following changes to your provisioned phone numbers:

  • View details of all phone numbers provisioned for a site.

  • Allocate phone numbers to an occupier or to the operator.

  • De-allocate phone numbers to release them back into the pool of available numbers.
    Note: It is only possible to de-allocate a phone number that is not currently assigned to a particular user.

Before you begin

  • Any number that you want to allocate to a particular occupier or to the operator should be provisioned for this site by essensys. Where that is the case, the number will appear in the Site Telephony view.

  • Some numbers should be activated or nominated as main numbers by essensys in advance.

Accessing Site Telephony

To view the phone numbers that have been provisioned for a site:

  1. Click Spaces in the main menu.
    The Site page opens.

  2. Select the site whose numbers you are interested in.

  3. Click the Telephony tab.
    The Site Telephony page opens.

Important: If your operator or occupier requires a main number, you must allocate a number from this list that has already been nominated as a main number by essensys.

Allocate a number

This procedure allocates the phone number to the operator organization (the landlord company) or to an occupier organization (a tenant company) at your site.

From the Site Telephony page:

  1. In the row representing the phone number you want to allocate, click Edit.
    The Edit phone number dialog box opens.

  2. If you want to allocate the number to the operator, select the Operator check box.

  3. If you want to allocate the number to one of your occupiers:

    1. Select the Occupier check box.

    2. Select the intended occupier from the drop-down list.

  4. Click Submit.

Once phone numbers are allocated, they can be managed in the Account > Telephony or Occupiers > Telephony pages.

Managing phone numbers at the site

  • If you want to de-allocate a number and return it to the pool of available numbers, open the edit dialogue box and select unassign from the occupiers drop-down list.

  • If you want to reallocate a number to a different occupier or the operator, it is necessary to first de-allocate the number, and then repeat the preceding steps to allocate to the new occupier or operator.

Site Telephony Details

The Site's Telephony page shows the list of phone numbers at the site. Use the controls at the top-right of the phone number list to:

  • Filter the list to include only those phone numbers with a particular status.

  • Download details of the phone numbers that are currently visible on the page to a CSV file.

  • Filter the list to include either the whole value or partial value of the phone number entered into the Search field.

Each phone number presented on this page has the following details:



Phone number

The provisioned phone number.


The corresponding internal extension number.


The current phone number status. This value depends on the phone number's assignment and provisioning details.

Assigned to

In this view, the Assigned to column shows the organization that the phone number has been allocated to. This is one of:

  • The name of an occupier organization.

  • The operator.

Cooling Off Date

Any Cooling Off Date that may be in force.

If a cooling off period is in force (the cooling off date is not passed), the phone number cannot be allocated to an occupier or the operator.

Main number

If this row represents the Main Number for an occupier or the operator, the text Main number is present.

A main number is typically the number you would call to reach the reception area for the occupier or operator at a site.

Tip: If this main number is in the active state, you can configure its switchboard-like functionality, for example to send out of hours calls to voicemail. This configuration is defined in the Occupier or Account Telephony pages.

Update in progress

Refresh link (link)

If present, this text indicates that the phone number has been edited, but that the associated change is currently being actioned by the system.

While this indication is shown, you cannot make another edit until the prior edit is completed.

Use the Refresh link to update the display.

Edit icon

Click to edit the phone number details.

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