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essensys Platform - Telephony - Main number details - Activate
essensys Platform - Telephony - Main number details - Activate

How do I make my main number "live", so people can call my organization? | Main number | Reception | Call handling, operator or occupier |

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If the operator or selected occupier has a main number that is currently in the RESERVED state, and they want to use it to receive voice calls for their organization, you need to activate the main number.

Note: If your main number was automatically allocated in response to adding a voice service, it will already be in the ACTIVE state and will not need to be activated.

Activate main number

Before you begin

To be able to activate your main number, it:

  • Must be allocated to an occupier or the operator.

  • Must be in the RESERVED state. That is, it must be allocated to the occupier or operator, but not currently be in any of the ACTIVE, PENDING, or COOLDOWN states. For more information, see Telephony status reference.

The occupier or the operator must also have sufficient available voice services to be entitled to activate their main number. See Add services.

Accessing the main number details

Access the main number details for either the operator or an occupier:

  • To access the telephony details for the operator:

    • Click Account in the main menu.

    • Select the Telephony tab.

    • Select the <site>.

  • To access the telephony details for an occupier:

    • Click Occupiers in the main menu.

    • Select the <occupier>.

    • Select the Telephony tab.

    • Select the <site>.

The MAIN NUMBER row on this page shows the details of the main number for the selected organization.

Activate the main number

Note: When you activate a main number, third-parties will be able to use it to call your organization.

  1. Check that your main number is in the RESERVED state.

  2. When hovering your cursor over the main number, click Activate.

After a short delay, the main number is activated.

Tip: You can view the full details for this number by clicking the drop-down before MAIN NUMBER. For more information, see Main number - View all details.

Info: Once the main number is ACTIVE, the activate button changes to a deactivate button. Deactivating the main number clears any settings that you have applied, and returns the number to the Reserved state.

What next?

Now that you have activated the main number, you need to configure the call handling for calls arriving at that number. For details, see Main number call settings.

Further information

  • The activation status of your device does not affect charges associated with the voice service. To end service charges, you need to remove the voice service.

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