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essensys Platform - Telephony - Main number details
essensys Platform - Telephony - Main number details

How should I configure a main number? | Allocated Main Number | Occupier or Operator | Call handling | Main Number settings |

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Any organization (the operator and each of the occupiers) that is located at a site may have a single main number.

Having a main number allows a business to advertise a primary telephone number that can always receive inbound calls. A main number:

  • Is a virtual number that receives and delivers inbound calls only.

  • Cannot place outbound calls, nor be logged into a physical handset (desk phone).

  • Receives inbound calls for the general business, rather than for specific individuals.

Info: The main number is nominated as a main number either by essensys or automatically when a voice service is assigned to the occupier or operator account. The latter behavior depends on the site-wide configuration.

Configure the main number

Before you begin

  • Your main number should be allocated to the operator or occupier. To allocate a specific main number, see Allocate phone numbers.

Accessing your main number details

  1. Access the main number details for either the operator or an occupier:

    • To access the telephony details for the operator:

      • Click Account in the main menu.

      • Select the Telephony tab.

      • Select the <site>.

    • To access the telephony details for an occupier:

      • Click Occupiers in the main menu.

      • Select the <occupier>.

      • Select the Telephony tab.

      • Select the <site>.

  2. Hover your cursor over the MAIN NUMBER row to view the configuration options for your main number.

Activate your main number

If your main number is currently in the RESERVED state and you want to use it to receive voice calls and distribute them to your team, you need to activate it. Only a main number in the ACTIVE state is used to receive and distribute the calls that are coming in to your organization.

Note: If your main number was automatically allocated in response to adding a voice service, it will already be ACTIVE and will not need to be activated.

Configure your main number

When you configure the main number, you are describing how incoming calls should be handled when they arrive at the organization (occupier or operator) either inside or outside of business hours.

Example: This configuration might describe a set of numbers that should ring in the office (in space hunt group), how long they should ring for, and what should happen when they are not answered in that time.

From the Telephony page:

  1. Configure main number call settings.
    The settings that describe what should happen when calls to the main number are received in and out of hours.

  2. Edit the members of the in space hunt group.
    Depending on call settings configuration, incoming calls may be redirected to all of the phone numbers in this In Space hunt group simultaneously.

  3. Define the greetings for main reception.
    Depending on call settings configuration, incoming calls may be redirected to a call answering service (main reception). Where this is the case, you can configure a greeting and comments that are shown to the user answering the call.

  4. Reset PIN.
    Reset the PIN back to the Default PIN value (factory setting). This PIN is used to access the main number's voicemail mail box and voice portal.

Note: You can view a summary of the settings associated with the active main number by clicking the MAIN NUMBER drop-down. See View main number details (read-only).

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