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essensys Platform - Occupier management - Platform search for users

How do I jump to details of a particular occupier user from any page in the platform? | Occupier user | Platform search | Quick

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Use the Search for occupier users field to search for any user that is associated with any of your occupiers, from anywhere within the essensys Platform.

The field is available from the top-right of every page in the essensys Platform:

  1. Type all or part of the name or email address of the occupier user that you are interested in.
    As you type, the search runs across all of your occupiers at all of your sites. Occupier users whose first name, last name, or email address match, or partially match, the searched value are displayed in the results list as you type.

  2. Select the option that most closely matches your search from the results list.
    The Occupier user page for the selected user opens. For more information, see Occupier users.

Tip: The search field retains your searched values. This means that, if the selected user is not the one you wanted, you can go back to the search field and select an alternative option in the list without having to type your criteria again.

About the search:

  • The search runs across the first name, last name, and email address for all occupier users.

  • The search is not limited to exact matches, although the closest matches are presented first in the results. Results are returned as soon as more than one character matches the criteria, and where the result is similar but not the same. For example, when I enter Helen, it returns Helen, but also Elena, Eleni, and so on.

About the results:

  • The results are presented in a drop-down list, displaying values: First name Last name Occupier name.

  • Selection takes the operator directly to the Occupier User page. This page would be accessed from the menu: Occupiers > Users > <selected user>.


  • This feature is useful for operators with lots of sites, occupiers, and users.

  • It is helpful when troubleshooting users, for example, when looking for a user whose occupier is unknown, or who uses a generic email address, such as help@ or admin@.

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