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How do I access a service, set up, and usage guide for an occupier contract? | Contract | Service guide | telephony | Wi-Fi | Welcome pack

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Your occupiers can use the service guide to view reference information relating to one of their contracts, including:

  • Their site or sites information, and details of any spaces they lease at those sites (occupancies).

  • The network infrastructure and resource information relating to their internet, voice, and public IP services per site.

  • Some set up, self-help, and reference information.

Tip: There are typically two uses for a service guide; initially as a "Welcome pack" that you print for your occupier when they move in to their leased spaces, and subsequently as a network reference. In both cases, the service guide provides summary information that helps the occupier to understand their managed office.

First use: If this is the first time you have produced a Service guide, you might need to set up the White label branding configuration to reflect your operator identity. For more information, see White labeling.

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Before you begin

  • For a service guide to be available, the occupier and their contract needs to have been created in essensys Platform.

  • For the network and service information to populate the service guide, you need to assign the occupier the appropriate voice, internet, and public IP services.

Accessing the Occupier Contract pages

  1. In the main menu on the left, select Occupiers.

  2. From the page that opens, select the occupier whose contract or contracts you are interested in.
    Tip: You can filter the list of occupiers by typing a name into the search bar above the list of names.

  3. Click the Contracts tab.
    By default, you can see any ACTIVE contracts that are associated with the selected occupier at your managed sites.
    Tip: Use the filter options above this list to view other contracts. The filter options allow you to filter contracts by state, or by site or sites.

Print the Service Guide associated with this contract

  1. From the Contracts page, click Service guide.

    The Service guide opens in a pop up window.

  2. Recommended: Check that the content in the guide is correct and that everything is in there that you want your occupiers to know.
    Tip: The service guide contains information about the services and the network infrastructure as they currently are in the system. If expected information is not present, you should check that the occupier's services and infrastructure are set up correctly in the other Occupiers pages.

  3. To print the service guide:

    1. Click Print.

    2. If you want to download and save the service guide as a PDF, select Save as PDF from the print dialog.

What next?

  • You should provide the service guide to your occupier.

  • If you change the services or other configuration at a point in time in the future, you may want to generate a new service guide that reflects those changes.

Further information

  • Your service guide is branded using the corporate identity defined in Branding > Whitelabelling. For more information, see White labeling.

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