Use the Dashboard in the essensys Platform to view and understand service and network usage at each site. The Dashboard contains a number of tiles, each of which describes some simple network or service data graphically.

Accessing the Dashboard for a Site

  1. From the main menu, click Dashboard.
    The Dashboard opens. The tiles for the selected site are presented in the main editor.
    Tip: You can use the arrow button at the top of the main menu to hide or show the menu text. Hiding the menu text makes more real estate available to the rest of the page.
    When the menu is hidden, you can hover over the icons to show the full name.

  2. If you want to view the dashboard for a different site, select that site from the Change sites drop-down list at the top-right of the Dashboard.

Screen Shot: essensys Platform - Dashboard

The Dashboard contains a number of tiles, each of which shows usage data or further information for your selected site.

Tip: Most tiles include a clock icon alongside their title. Hover over this icon to see when the data in this tile was last updated.

Tile Descriptions

Occupancy Tracker

Describes the number of Wi-Fi Secure users at the selected site. Hover to view the total Wi-Fi Secure users on a particular day.

Top Performing Services

Describes the top performing Services in active use at the selected site.

Note: Services are usually paid on an ongoing basis and enable internet and voice at particular service levels, and so on.


Lists any current issues on the network.



Site down

Note: The preceding image shows what this tile could look like in the 3 possible scenarios:

  1. The network status is operational and is not currently experiencing any issues.

  2. The network status is degraded.
    In the example, there is an outage on the primary internet circuit to the site, but the back up circuit is not currently experiencing any issues. In this case, auto failover will apply and the back up circuit will be used.
    It is also possible that the network status is degraded because of reduced resiliency. This is where there is an outage on the back up circuit to the site, but not on the primary circuit.

  3. The network status is site down, there is an outage on both the primary internet circuit and the back up circuit to the site.

Note: If you experience any of these issues, essensys will reach out to you, and a support case for the outage will be raised automatically.

Bandwidth Usage

Describes all bandwidth usage at the selected site over the time period on the x axis. Hover to view all bandwidth usage at a particular day and time.

Tip: The default view sets the y axis to show usage as clearly as possible. To view both usage and threshold capacity, click Show threshold capacity.

What's New

Describes some new or important feature of the essensys Platform. Click Find out more to view details of the new feature.

Note: There may be multiple tiles of this type.

Further information

  • As well as this simple dashboard, there are also detailed monthly reports that allow you to understand space and service usage at your sites in more detail. For more information, see Reports.

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