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essensys Platform - Account - Team member management
essensys Platform - Account - Team member management

How do I view and manage details of users that are members of the operator team? | Team member | Account | operator | Create user

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View and manage the details of Users that are members of your operator team. We refer to these users as operator team members.

These users are employees who work for the operator. When you create an operator team member, you will record some basic details about them, assign them to particular sites, and may opt to:

  • Create a Wi-Fi account that lets them connect their private devices to the Wi-Fi Secure network.

  • Invite them to use the essensys Platform as either an admin or a user.

Manage Account Team Members

From the Team members page, the operator can:

  • Add a team member (an operator user) to their team.

  • Edit the details associated with an existing team member.

  • Delete an operator team member.

Accessing the Team Member management page

  1. In the main menu on the left, select Account.
    The Account page opens.

  2. Click the Team Members tab.
    The team members are listed in the current view, with the selected user's details visible in the main editor.

Tip: You can filter the list of users by:

  • Searching for an individual user using the search text field. The list is filtered as you type.

  • Filtering the list to show only those team members with access to a particular site, all sites, no site, or those sites that are managed by the logged in user (my managed sites).

Add a new Team member

From the Team members page:

  1. Click Add a team member.
    The Add or Edit team member details dialog box opens.

  2. Specify the following details for the new user.

    For more details about each of the fields, see User Details.

    1. The basic user details, including a direct line contact number and the Language that the team member should see the essensys Platform in.

    2. Optionally, create a Wi-Fi account for this user.
      This account allows the team member to connect their private devices to the Wi-Fi Secure network at their assigned sites.

    3. Select the team member's Telephony homesite location.
      The team member will be able to allocate phone numbers at the selected site.

    4. Select the team member's Platform account details.
      Selecting a Role indicates the team member's access level when they sign in to the essensys platform.

  3. Click Next.

    The Site Permissions page opens.

  4. Select the sites that this user is associated with.

  5. Click Save.

The account team member (an operator user) is created.

Manage Existing Team members

The following options are available in the read-only details of the Account Team member page. Apart from Edit and Delete, the icons are hidden until you hover over the section:

  • Click Edit to update the details for the user. For details of fields in Edit dialog box, see Team member details.

  • Click Delete to delete a team member from the system.

  • In the Wi-Fi Access section, click Wi-Fi Password to reset this user's Wi-Fi Secure password and email with new credentials.

  • In the Telephony section, click the link to open the Phone number details page for this team member.

  • In the Platform access section, click Resend invite to join the platform to send the user an email to register for the platform.

    This is completely empty for my own account:

Team member details

The possible pages seen in the add and edit team member wizards:

  • User details - Capture standard details about the user, and create or manage Wi-Fi account, define telephony home location, and select role and essensys Platform access.

  • Site permissions - The Site Permissions page controls which sites this user is associated with.

All pages




Click to download the filtered user list as a CSV file.

  • Back

  • Cancel

  • Save and Close

  • Next

  • If available, click Back to return to the previous page without losing your changes.

  • Click Cancel to close the wizard and abandon your changes.

  • Click Save and Close to commit your changes and close the wizard.

  • If available, click Next to move on to the next page in the wizard without committing your changes.

User details



First Name

Mandatory. The user's first name.

Last Name

Mandatory. The user's last name.

Email address

Mandatory. The user's email address.

Job title

The user's Job Title. For information.

Tip: This may be useful where there are a lot of users, but they share settings based on their job.


The language that the user wants to view the portal in by default.


Edit only.

If the user's phone number is associated with a particular handset, this is the ID for that handset, and is found on the device.

Wi-Fi Account:

  • Create a Wi-Fi account (Add) / Activate (Edit).

  • Concurrent device limit.

  • Create a Wi-Fi account - Available when creating a new team member. Select to create a username and password for this user to use when connecting private devices to the Wi-Fi Secure network.

  • Activate - Available when editing an existing user. Select to activate or de-activate the Wi-Fi account for this user.

  • Concurrent device limit - Select the number of devices that can be concurrently connected to Wi-Fi Secure using this user name and password.

Note: Once you have reached the concurrent device limit, any further attempt to access Wi-Fi Secure as this user fails.

Telephony homesite location

Select the Telephony homesite for this user.

Note: This user can allocate phone numbers from this site.

Platform Account:

  • Role.

  • Platform access - Send invite to join the platform.

Only available when creating a new user.

Role - This user will be created in the platform with access rights as follows:

  • Super Admin - N/A - A user of this type cannot be created.

  • Admin - A user that can manage the account for other users at the admin level or below.

  • User - A user that can access services, but can not manage other users. Note: This user can not sign in to the essensys Platform.

Platform access - Select to send an email to the new user, requesting they sign in to the essensys Platform and create a new password.

Site permissions

The Site Permissions page controls which sites this user is associated with. They can be associated with individual sites, or with all sites.



Select all

Click the arrow in the Assign Sites field to move all sites to the Selected Sites column.

This associates this user with all sites.


Click the arrow in the Assign Sites field to move a particular site to the Selected Sites column.

This associates this user with a particular site.

Repeat as required.

Further information

  • If you are using the Smart Access module, you can also use this dialog box to manage access control for this user.
    Note: You can not manage the Access Groups that this user is associated with in the edit user view, only in the add user view and the manage groups view.

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