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1.1. Where Customer has requested that Customer Hardware is used to deliver the Services, essensys will determine at its discretion the suitability of the Customer Hardware. Any firmware or license upgrades deemed by essensys to be required to enable the provision of the Services must be applied and may be chargeable if undertaken by essensys. It is a requirement that essensys be the sole administrator of the Customer Hardware during any period where Services are provided using that hardware.

1.2. Essensys will provide Hardware pursuant to a Service Order that will be managed by the essensys Platform to deliver the Consumer Services at a Premises.

1.3. Where Hardware has been provided and installed by essensys, essensys will provide Customer with a Hardware Support Service comprising:

1.4. Fault Repair, Return Material Authorization (RMA) and Return to Service (RTS)

1.4.1. A Fault repair service comprising the diagnosis and repair of faults that occur through normal usage of the Hardware.

1.4.2. Customer will report faults in the Hardware as set out 2.3.5, or essensys may detect a fault through Proactive Monitoring Service.

1.4.3. Essensys will respond during Business Hours by:

  • Providing Customer with advice by case, chat or telephone, including where appropriate test to be carried out by Customer (this may be but not limited to power cycling the Hardware, reseating cables and swapping cables);

  • Carrying out remote diagnostic tests;

  • Where essensys considers it necessary, and as soon as reasonably practical, arranging (at additional cost) an Engineer Despatch to the Premises where the fault cannot be diagnosed or cleared remotely.

1.4.4. Where Hardware has failed, a Workaround may be employed to restore Consumer Services. If the Hardware is covered under a Manufacturer’s Warranty, essensys will manage the Return Material Authorization (RMA) request process. In all cases returns must be authorized with an RMA number issued by essensys. Customer will be responsible for shipping costs unless the Hardware is removed by an Engineer Despatch.

1.4.5. Once replacement Hardware has been delivered to the Premises, essensys will provide RTS to reinstate the original functionality before the fault occurred. Where this requires Engineer Despatch this will be chargeable.

1.4.6. No Fault Repair or RMA management will be provided or applicable for Customer Hardware.

1.5. Firmware Updates for Hardware.

1.5.1. essensys will regularly review the permanent software programmed into a read-only memory of Hardware (“Firmware”) and check for conformance with the manufacturer’s recommendations or instructions.

1.5.2. New Firmware will be uploaded to the Hardware where essensys in its discretion considers this appropriate and following essensys Change Control procedure.

1.5.3. To the extent such services are provided in relation to Customer Hardware, such services will be chargeable on a time and materials basis, provided that such charges are reasonably and properly incurred and pre-approved in writing by Customer. Customer will be required to maintain the required level of manufacturer support on all Customer Hardware.

1.6. Hardware or Customer Hardware End of Life (EOL)

1.6.1. All Hardware manufacturers will discontinue products and services as technology innovations, market conditions or component obsolescence occurs. This results in an EOL Notifications (EOLN’s).

1.6.2. Where Customer Hardware is EOL there will be no warranty replacement by the manufacturer and any replacement will be a chargeable item. It also means that the manufacturer will no longer provide any further software updates to the IOS (operating system). In this event, it may be that an underlying fault in the Hardware or Firmware cannot be corrected leading to a loss of Service. Essensys shall have no liability or responsibility for such loss of Service. We recommend that customers consider replacing EOL equipment.

Essensys will:

  • Provide an in-band management link to the Hardware.

  • Poll Hardware and Ports regularly (see table below)

  • Monitor the status of the Hardware to check that it is functioning correctly.

  • Carry out remote diagnosis if a problem affecting the Occupier Services is found and in that event:

  • Log the problem;

  • Attempt to resolve the problem;

  • Contact Customer by email with a Case summarising the problem.

Proactive Hardware Monitoring

AP Down

AP Status offline


Case and Email

Switch or Access Point Down

Switch or Access Point Status offline


Case and Email

UPS on Battery

UPS running on battery


Case and Email

High Ping Loss to Switch

Ping Loss> ?

Case and Email


DHC Scope
Port Traffic
UPS Battery State/Time Remaining/Temperature


1.8.1. Where the Hardware provided includes Wi-Fi Access Points, essensys will provide a Wi-Fi Service. This service comprises a wireless data service using radio frequencies to enable a User to connect to their specified Consumer Service.

1.8.2. Essensys will design, specify, procure, install and test the Wi-Fi installation in accordance with the current essensys Wireless Network Specification and Standards (WNSS).

1.8.3. Customer will provide accurate legible, scaled drawings in pdf or CAD format of the Premise, and indicated the required Area of Coverage to enable essensys to create and approved Predicative Design (APD).

1.8.4. The physical installation of Access Points in accordance with the APD may be undertaken by essensys or Customer as agreed during the implementation but must follow the APD and the WNSS.

1.8.5. If the Customer requires Access Points to be placed in locations not in accordance with the APD, and not in accordance with the WNSS, or where Customer permits the use of 3rd party Access Points not managed by essensys within the Area of Coverage, essensys will not be able to support the Wi-Fi in that Premises until such time as the deployment of the Access Points conforms to the APD, or an Active Wi-Fi Survey indicates that performance reaches that set out in the WNSS. Any subsequent agreed corrective action will incur additional charges for which the Customer is responsible..

1.8.6. As per other Hardware, Access Points are monitored for connection status, but additional Wi-Fi Health monitoring is undertaken to seek to identify trends where performance has changed over time.

1.8.7. Wi-Fi uses a license exempt, limited and shared spectrum with very light regulation. Consequently there is risk of User performance degradation due to external interference and environmental changes. As such, the Wi-Fi Service is provided without any warranty as to performance

1.8.8. Where a User is located within the radio frequency coverage area of a Wi-Fi Installation, the User may connect to the Service using the User’s computing equipment, and where applicable, by using a login name and password provided from the Solution.

1.8.9. Use of the Wi-Fi Service is dependent on the suitability of a User’s computing equipment. The User’s computing equipment is not provided as part of the Wi-Fi Service and falls outside the Service Boundary.

1.8.10. essensys will troubleshoot to a User’s device to identify a problem or to prove that the problem sits outside the Service Boundary. Where the issue cannot be resolved through remote adjustments to configuration, resolution may only be possible through on-Premises investigation, replanning and a change or addition to the installation. These investigation and remediation works will incur additional charges for which the Customer is responsible.

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