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Quarter day and custom billing schedules

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Within Operate you can configure your own custom billing frequency schedule, this can be useful if you need to configure schedules for leases such as English or Scottish quarter days.
There are two parts to applying a custom billing schedule to a customer

  • Create the custom billing schedule

  • associate it to the customer in their licence agreement

If you ever change the schedule that you have created, this will not automatically update the schedules that have been created for the customer, you would need to edit and save their licence for the edited schedule to take effect for the customer.

In order to apply a custom billing schedule to a customer, you first need to create the schedule

  • To create the schedule first go to settings>general>customize>licences>custom billing schedules

  • Click "New" to create a new billing schedule

  • First enter a description of the billing schedule - e.g. English Quarter days

  • Then enter the dates of your first period - e.g. if its from the 25th March to 24th June, then the day from will be 25 and month from 3 and day to would be 24 and month to 6.

  • You will notice that when you add a new line, the day from will always be fixed based on the "day and month to" in the previous period.
    If you need to change this, you will need to delete the period and update the "day & month to" in the previous period.

  • You can have as many periods as you want in your custom billing schedule, however - its really important that the last day & month of the last period is the day & month before the start of your schedule.
    e.g. in this screenshot example above, because our custom schedule starts on the 25th March, the last day in the last period of the schedule must be the 24th March.

  • then click save.

Once you have created your schedule, you then need to select the schedule in the licence agreement - (see this article for creating licences)

  • when adding the licence item, simply select the new schedule you have created from the dropdown

You will see that this updates the billing schedule, please note that the price should be the total price for that period - not the monthly price.

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