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What is a Virtual Office and what services can I provide through Connect?

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A Virtual Office is a common offering in the flexible workspace industry where a serviced office provides a Client with a number of services without the Client permanently occupying any physical space at the site.

Virtual Offices are most prominent in city centres where permanently occupied office space comes at a premium and with smaller Clients who are not yet ready to lease office space.

The services provided in a Virtual Office package often contain a combination of telephone lines, call answering, mail handling, meeting room bookings and Wi-Fi access.

The Services

With essensys Connect, you are able to provide a number of I.T. services to ensure your site has a valuable Virtual Office package.

  • Virtual Telephone Numbers

A virtual number is a fully functioning telephone line only without the physical handset. When a virtual number is activated, a Client still benefits from all of the usual phone features (for example, call forwarding and receiving voicemails to their email) and are able to configure this themselves at any time by logging into Connect.

  • essensys Softphone

As a virtual telephone number does not come with the usual physical desk phone, your Clients can use the essensys Softphone to make and receive calls from the telephone number if required.

  • Call Answering

This item is only available if you as the Operator offer a call answering service for your Clients and are using the EVO Operator Console from essensys.

A Main Number is a telephone number automatically setup by essensys with pre-set, easy to configure Hunt Group settings. Your Clients are able to set this this number to ring where they would like including your reception. 

  • Wi-Fi Access

Virtual Clients are also able to be provided their own unique username and password for your Wi-Fi Secure service just like your residential Clients in your space. They can connect to the Wi-Fi Secure as usual and be included in the Lounge Wi-Fi network.

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