Syncing Operate to Connect

This article covers the Operate to Connect sync settings

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If you are using both Operate and Connect, there are a few simple steps you need to take to ensure they are set up correctly. This ensures that the ‘Send to Connect’ function on Account records within Operate syncs new Accounts over to Connect, capturing the same account information in both platforms. This is necessary when exporting the Connect Call Logger to import into Operate.

Install the Integration

  • Go to Operate Settings > Integrations

  • Install Operate to Connect 

Configure the Integration

Once your integration is installed, click the 'Open' button to continue.  

The Operate to Connect Integration allows Operate to add accounts to Connect using the "Send to Connect" option on an account. Enter your credentials to link Operate to Connect. If you have Connect in multiple regions, switch to advanced mode to specify which location use which region.

In the Advanced Mode, there is a list of your locations. To enable Operate to Connect for these locations specify your Connect credentials and region for each location and then press 'Verify' to enable.  

Configure Location Settings

  • In Operate, go to Settings > General > Customize > Locations > Page Layouts. 

  • Add the 'Connect Site ID' and 'Connect Call Logger' fields to the Location page layout. The Connect Site ID can be found in the Connect URL e.g. This will be different per location/site. Read more about Customizing Page Layouts in essensys Operate  

  • The 'Connect Call Logger' field must be checked on the Location page. You can check this by going to Space > Locations > select each location and find the field.  

Account Settings

  • Ensure all Accounts are set up with an Accounts ID in Operate (this should be standard as per Operate settings)

  • The Accounts ID in Operate is the Billing Reference in Connect

  • Accounts will need to be set up with an Account Code (this can match Accounts ID) if you haven't used ‘Send to Connect’. Read more about setting up essensys Operate Account Codes.

Client Types Setup

  • Ensure your Client Types in Operate have the Connect Client Type field populated ( This can be done under: Settings> Organisations - Client types)

  • Connect Client Types can be Residential or Virtual, so you will need to determine where the Operate Client Types fit. Please remember that Residential Connect clients have access to a private network, while Virtual clients will be on a public network.  

Send to Connect

  • When all Settings are configured correctly, you can use the ‘Send to Connect’ button found on the Account record in Operate. 

  • Once an Account has been sent to Connect, the button will no longer appear. Within System Information, the Send to Connect field will be ticked and the Connect Accounts ID will be populated.

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