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Customise Guest Wi-Fi Splash
Customise Guest Wi-Fi Splash

Use Guest Wi-Fi template editor to customise the splash page

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We are launching a new Guest Wi-Fi Splash page depending on your Connect Edition (Enterprise, Growth or Essential) you will have different levels of functionality available. Enterprise & Growth Super Admins can access the Template Editor section allowing you to customise the Guest Wi-Fi Splash page. 

If you are ready to experience the new Guest Wi-Fi Splash contact essensys Customer Success team to starting switching your pages to the new refreshed design and take advantage of the new functionality. 

Previous & New Guest Wi-Fi Splash

Hardware Requirements

To receive the new Guest Wi-Fi Splash page you will need to be using a Ruckus device. Sites that are using Juniper and Extreme hardware will be limited to the old Wi-Fi page and should consider upgrading to a Ruckus to receive this new functionality.  

1. Essential Edition - New Splash Page

Essential Edition of Connect will receive a refreshed design of the Guest Wi-Fi page.

2. Growth Edition - Updating Logo for Guest Wi-Fi 

Growth Edition of Connect will  receive a refreshed design of the Guest Wi-Fi page plus Super Admins can access the Template Editor to upload your own logo for all your sites.

3. Enterprise Edition Guest Wi-Fi

3.1 Template Editor Video Demo 

Watch the video below for a walkthrough of key functions on how to customise your Guest Wi-Fi Splash page.

3.2 Template Editor 

Connect Administrators with access can navigate to this page via Settings > Guest Wi-Fi > Template Editor and to start creating your customised splash page click on the "Add +" button. 

You will be presented with the template editor screen below: 

 3.2.1 Fields 

Use this section to select which input fields you want to display to the user on the splash page and also to update any branding on the terms and conditions/ privacy policy on the splash page

  • Input Fields - select which fields you want to enable and make mandatory for the user.

  • Terms and Condition & Privacy Policy - upload your own branded Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. 

  • Contact Opt In - enable this box to store users preference of being contacted for marketing campaigns.

3.2.2 Logo & Images
Use this section to customise your splash page for branding, marketing and messaging. 

  • Logo - recommended dimensions of 200 x 80

  • DESKTOP Marketing Image  - recommended dimensions of 450 x 780

  • DESKTOP Background Image - recommended dimensions of 1920 x 1080

  • MOBILE Marketing Image - recommended dimensions of 300 x 300

  • MOBILE Background Image  - recommended dimensions of 405 x 991

3.2.3  Colours & Fonts
Use the colour picker to select your colours or enter the hex code if known and a drop down of Fonts for

  • Text Colour

  • Button Text Colour

  • Button Colour

  • Input Field Border Colour

  • Background Colour 

3.2.4  Social Sign-In
Use Social Sign-In to allow users to login to your Guest Wi-Fi with their Google or Facebook Account instead of the standard form. 

If your Guest Wi-Fi requires a password to login and you enable Social Sign-In this will allow guests to login without the password. 

3.2.5  Redirection
Enter in a URL here to re-direct users after they login to your Guest Wi-Fi 

3.2.6  Preview
You can preview between your Desktop & Mobile Custom Guest Wi-Fi page by toggling between each.

3.2.7  Name your template & Save
Once you are happy with the custom template created you will need enter a meaningful name under Template Name. If you are a Super Admin you will also have access to "Set As Default Template" option which make this Custom template appear on all your sites Guest Wi-Fi splash page. The final step is to click Save at the bottom of the page.

3.3 Manage Templates 

On this screen you will see and manage a list of all templates that have been created and choose which template to use for each site.

  • View - click to see a preview of the splash template 

  • Applied to Sites - when a tick appears this will indicate the template is being used at at least one site. 

  • Default Template - you can only have one Default Template ticked and this will apply this to all your sites apart from any site that has different template applied separately. 

  • Edit - Takes you to the Template Editor screen to make any changes to the custom template. 

  • Delete - Deletes the template permanently.

  • Clone - Creates a copy of the template selected. This will allow you to make small changes and rename the template. 

  • Apply - Here you will be able to choose which site will see this custom splash page. Click on the left the sites that you want to choose. 

Updating/Applying Splash Page

Your existing Guest Wi-Fi splash page will continue to be active until the New Guest Wi-Fi Splash page has been activated by essensys. We will be in touch with you on when this will happen. Once activated any changes you make will be reflected on your Guest Wi-Fi Splash page automatically. 

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