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Benefits of going mobile at your flexible workspace
Benefits of going mobile at your flexible workspace

Technology that improves member experience

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In flex-space working environments, it’s critical that you provide your tenants with technology that helps them remain productive while away from their desks. Not only are tenants reliant on their mobile devices to get work done, they are depending more and more on their smartphones to help them stay connected and be productive in the working environment.

Thanks to likes of Uber, Opentable,, Treatwell and other on-demand services, our society is now used to having convenience at our fingertips. Your members expect technology that makes their busy lives easier and allows them to book things on the go.

Here are the benefits of introducing a mobile app in your flexible workspace.

Seamless, self-service member experience

Customer satisfaction and member experience should always be the focus for any flexible workspace and rightly so with nothing but choice in today’s booming market. One way to meet tenant expectations is by introducing technology such as a mobile app that improves member experience. Having your own mobile app for your flexible workspace allows members to book and pay for meeting rooms on the go with a few simple clicks – all from the convenience of their phone. They can make bookings and check availability in real-time. This allows members to schedule meetings in advance, ultimately increasing their productivity. Keeping tenants happy will positively impact your retention rates and in turn business performance and reputation.

Extra revenue streams

Not only does a mobile app improve member experience and add value to your workspace offering but it also acts as a competitive advantage. Take your workspace offering to the next level by offering members a self-service, frictionless experience when it comes to booking and paying for meeting rooms. According to a research study,  mobile payments encourage people to spend more money and mobile payment users conduct 23%+ more transactions. Your bottom line and profitability can benefit massively from this extra revenue stream.

Reinforce your branding

Build a community and create a strong brand impression by personalising the mobile app with your branding. To really stand out from the crowd, consider using a provider that allows you to have your own app store entry. This means having your own app name, icon and branding available in the app store without having the headache of development and maintenance.

Keep your members in the loop

Instead of overwhelming your tenants with frequent emails that may be missed, a mobile app allows you to keep them updated with a newsfeed. Whether it be an event, promotion or general announcement that you want to shout about, you can keep members informed with a user-friendly newsfeed feature.

Easy to use and train

Flexible workspace mobile apps are built with the member in mind and ultimately to make their lives easier with as few clicks as possible. Delivering a user-centric, intuitive and responsive mobile experience won’t go unnoticed by members. As always, happy members result in word of mouth referrals and higher occupancy rates. Not only should it be easy for your members to use but it must also be incredibly easy for you to set-up and maintain. To ensure a frictionless experience when it comes to managing your workspace and members, make sure your mobile app is integrated with your workspace management software.

Invoice with ease

Adopting a mobile app can simplify the process of invoicing your members for one-off and ongoing bookings, allowing members to access their invoices and pay them on the go with just a few clicks.

The essensys solution

With the essensys mobile app you can make it easy for members to book and pay for meeting rooms from the convenience of their phone. What makes the essensys mobile app unique is the level of personalisation, including your own app store entry, without the headache of development and maintenance. The essensys mobile app is integrated with Operate to ensure an all-in-one solution. Discover more here.

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