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Adding Hyperlinks to Operate Templates
Adding Hyperlinks to Operate Templates

An easy way to point customers to relevant information by using links.

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If you would like to point customers to specific places online, you can use hyperlinks in any of your Operate document templates, such as Invoices, Credit Notes, Licences, etc. These links will be usable as long as the customer is viewing a PDF version of the document, on desktop or mobile device. 

We are going to illustrate this using Invoice Templates as an example, but you can apply the same instructions to any other template. Read more about Document Templates 

  • To get started, go to Operate's Settings > Templates.

  • Select your desired template type - in our case it will be Invoice Templates.  

  • Create a new template according to the specific template's guidelines (which you can read about in the Document Templates section). 

  • Alternatively, edit one of the existing templates by clicking the pencil icon next to it.  

  • This will open up the template editor. 

  • If you are familiar with HTML, please open the Code View by clicking this icon on the toolbar above your template preview:  This view will allow you to enter the hyperlink code, wherever you like within the template layout. 

  • If you are not familiar with HTML, the easiest way to enter a link is to first add your link text to the visual template preview. Simply place your cursor wherever you would like your link to appear, and type your desired link text. Here is an example: 

  • Next, copy the text, then go to the template's Code View by clicking the icon we highlight below: 

  • Now, press "CTRL+F"/"Command+F" on your keyboard, to open your browser's search feature. Paste the text in your search box, then press Enter/Return. Your browser will highlight the text within the code template. 

  • Replace the text with the link code, keeping in mind that you should enter your desired website link instead of "" (using the same format) and your desired link description instead of "Your link text here".

<a href="">Your link text here</a>
  • Here is an example of how we would replace the 'Click here to pay this invoice' text in the previous screenshot: 

<a href="">Click here to pay this invoice</a>
  • Here is what this looks like on the template: 

  • Please be careful not to remove any of the existing code on the template, as this might affect the look of your layout. If you believe you have removed any code, please refresh the screen without saving your changes. 

  • If you are sure that the link has been inserted correctly, turn off the Code View by pressing the same icon again. This should take you back to the template preview. 

  • You can now test the link by clicking on it, then selecting Open link in the toolbar that comes up, as shown below. 

  • If your link has been inserted correctly, then your linked web address should open without issues. If this does not happen, please go back to the Code View and ensure that your link is spelled correctly and is in the correct format |( or

  • You can adjust the link's appearance if you like: e.g. font, font size, position. 

  • Save your template changes when you are sure that everything is correct.

  • Once your link is saved onto the template, it will appear as a link onto your documents, as long as they are sent as a PDF or are viewed via Operate and the Operate Portal.

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