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Enterprise | Service Status | Primary and Backup Circuit Status

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The Service Status Report in Connect allows you to easily view the network status of all your sites. It gives you easy visual cues, so that you know when your services are up, down or on reduced resilience. 

Access Requirements

This feature is available to Enterprise Customers only and the user needs to have Super Admin or Admin permissions.

Navigating to the Service Status Report

To view the Service Status Report, go to Reporting > Network and select Service Status

Exploring the Network Service Status Report

The reports shows the following: 

  • The first column from the left shows a list of sites which can be filtered using the right hand-side drop down menu

  • The second column shows the status and size of the primary network circuit.

  • The third column shows the status and size of the backup circuit. If this column is empty, then there is no backup circuit at the site.

  • The last column will show a network status for the corresponding site. This status will only display if a circuit is down or has reduced resilience. 

All Sites Operational

When all your sites are performing as usual, your reports will display a green status line and reading "All Sites Operational".  The circles next to the sites, primary and backup circuits will also all be green. 


If there is any outages, Connect will use a orange color to show which site(s) and which circuit(s) are down. The general network status row will also be coloured in orange, to highlight the issue.

If any circuit is down, the site will be brought to the top of the list and a status will be added to the right of the site, to show you what the issue may be. 

  • Reduced resilience - This status is displayed when either the primary or the backup circuit is down. 

  • Site Down - This status is used in two scenarios: Either both the primary and the backup circuits are down or the primary circuit is down and there is no backup.

Network Events

An 'Event' represents a network incident. The report can display the last time an event has been recorded. Hover over the circle next to the site or circuit to see it

Regardless of whether a site or circuit is up or down, you can still see when the last event took place, by hovering over the circle next to it. When the status is green it will show the date and time the site came up or when it is orange it will show when the site/circuit came down. 

The popup message will either tell you when the last event took place or that there is no event to display. If there is no last event, this means that no incident has occurred on your network since the Service Status Report was launched.   

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