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Removing a Main NumberThis guide will take you through removing the Main Number settings from an Extension Number
Introduction - Connect Telephone ManagerFamiliarize yourself with the basics of the Telephone Manager within Connect, such as Call Forwarding.
Adding a New Telephone to Connect: Step by StepA full walk-through on how to provide a new desk phone to a client using Connect
Client Tariff Management in ConnectTariff Management, Call Tariff, Bespoke Tariff, Minute Bundle
Logging In & Out of Phones using ConnectRemotely log numbers in and out of handsets using Connect
Edit & Activate Telephone Numbers in ConnectHow to edit and activate telephone numbers in Connect
Main NumberWhat is a Main Number, when are they used and how they can be provided through Connect
Main Number SetupHow to control calls into a Main Number
Connect Features Setup - User FeaturesSwitching user features on or off in Connect
Connect - Call ForwardingHow to set up Call Forwarding for your telephone number in Connect and your desk phone.
Connect - Hunt Groups and Group FeaturesUsing Hunt Groups and Group Features in Connect
Recording your Voicemail GreetingHow to record a voicemail greeting and the options you have
Number ManagerAssign and control customer numbers with the Number Manager
Connect - Telephone Handset User GuidesUser Guides for Telephony Systems You Can Use with Connect - Polycom - SNOM - Yealink
Checking Your VoicemailAs well as how to remotely access your voicemail
Resetting a Voicemail & Login PIN in ConnectHow to reset PINs for voicemail and Connect login