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Client Tariff Management in Connect
Client Tariff Management in Connect

Tariff Management, Call Tariff, Bespoke Tariff, Minute Bundle

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As a Staff User or Tier 2 Super Admin and Admin user, you are able to manage your Client's Call Tariffs and Minute Bundles through the Connect platform.

  • Call Tariffs: The rate you want to bill your Client's calls

  • Minute Bundles (Optional): Free minutes packages that you want to give your Clients

To understand a Staff User or Tier 2 User/Super Admin is and what they have access to please see here.

Creating A New Client & View Existing Clients

You will now be able to select which Call Tariff and Minute Bundle to assign to client when you create a new client in New Client Wizard. Simply click the drop down to select a Call Tariff/Minute Bundle.

To view/edit an existing clients Call Tariff and Minute Bundle you can simply access the Edit Client page.

Manage All Client Call Tariffs and Minute Bundles

Navigate to the "Telephone > Tariff Management" page to manage all your clients Call Tariffs and Minute Bundles under a single page.

From Client Tariff page you can view all clients and their assigned Call Tariffs and Minute Bundles. To update any clients assigned tariff or minute bundle simple click Edit and select the updated tariff &/ minute bundle and click the ✔ button to save the changes.

Default Tariff and Minute Bundles

A Default Call Tariff/Minute Bundles is a call tariff/minute bundle that will be preselected when creating a new client at your site. For example if you want "Premium Call Tariff" to be selected on all new clients created in Connect you can do this by making "Premium Call Tariff" the default tariff at your site.

To manage your Default Tariff and Minute Bundle settings at a site level navigate to

"Settings > Tariff Management". Here you will see a list of your sites and the default call tariffs and minute bundles selected.

When adding a Tariff or Minute Bundle be aware that this will apply to the client's calls from the start of the month added i.e. if you add the tariff on 07/07/2020, the charges will be applied for the entire month of July.

Creating a New Tariff or Minute Bundle

If you would like a new Tariff or Minute Bundle to be added into Connect please raise a case within Connect, and we can create this, please reach out to us either via Chat or raising a new case following this guide here.

Existing Tariff's or Minute Bundles

Any existing tariffs or Minute Bundles will still be setup and charged so no changes needed but Call tariffs and minute bundles will no longer be linked to specific “Services” in Connect to understand how Services work please see this guide here.

Minute Bundle Management

Note that Minute Bundles are assigned to customers on a Per Client basis meaning once assigned this would assign the Bundle to all extension(s) to the client you have selected.

Bulk Update

You can now Bulk Update Client Tariff within the Client Tariff Manager if you click on Bulk Update

You will then be able to select the Tariff and Client Minute Bundle you want to Bulk Updates clients to,

You can then Select if you would like All Clients by Click the Right Arrow

You can move All Clients back by clicking the Left Arrow

You can also select a client at a time by clicking the Clients Name.

Once changes are made click save, note that any updates to your Tariff or Minute Bundle will apply for the whole month(first to last day).

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