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Operate - Adding Surety to Licence Agreements
Operate - Adding Surety to Licence Agreements

Use the Surety feature when you need additional assurance as part of your Licence agreements

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The Surety feature allows your Operate Licences to stipulate a third party who assumes the responsibility to pay for any potential debt, owed to your organisation by a customer who defaults or is otherwise unable to pay.

You can enable this feature in a few simple steps.

Activating Surety

1. Activate Surety by going to your Operate Settings > General > System > Operate Settings > Member Settings.

  • Tick the Turn on Surety box.

  • Save your changes.

IMPORTANT: Create your own template(s)

Please create your own template(s) for Licences that stipulate surety and add fields that are relevant to you. Doing this ensures that surety details are also shown on your signed agreements and not just in Operate. A list of available fields is in the screenshot below and on your Licence configuration page. Read more about how to create a Licence Template.

Include Surety information in relevant reports. Should you need to retrieve surety data, all of the fields that can be filled on your Licences will be available to pull using the report writer.

Enable Surety on your Licence

Turning the feature on will add a Surety section to your Licences. Tick the 'Do you require surety for this licence?' box to enable it. Make sure to select a relevant template as well, so that surety details appear on your signed agreement. If surety is turned on in your settings, but you do not need it on a particular Licence, then you can simply leave this checkbox disabled.

Complete the License Information

Next, fill out contact information corresponding to the person or organisation providing surety.

Configure the rest of your Licence

That's it! Any Surety information you add to Licences will be available within the templates and reports you have created.

Activate the Licence

Now all the information is added to your licence activate your License as per guide here.

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