Operate's Feedback App lets you receive feedback from your members, through a user friendly interface that sends messages directly to your inbox.

The app is available for your members to use on both the Operate Portal and the Mobile App.

To get started,. go to Settings > Integrations and install the Feedback App.

Once the App is installed, click on Open to launch it.

Here is where you can enable the Feedback App and set up an email address to which your members' messages will be sent.

Step 1 - Enter an email address where you would like to receive feedback messages.
Step 2 - Tick the box to enable feedback
Step 3 - Save your settings when you are ready.

Once the app is enabled, your members will see a floating option on your Portal, which they can click on to send their feedback.

The feature will also be made available in the Mobile App, where members can also submit a picture along with their written message.

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