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Working with Multiple Currencies within Operate
Working with Multiple Currencies within Operate

This article shows you how to set up and use multiple currencies within essensys Operate

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If you operate within different countries, you can set up currencies for each. There are three steps to configure within Operate before you can use multiple currencies: This article explains how to:

  • Enable multiple currencies system wide.

  • Set up currencies per Organization.

  • Set Location specific currencies.

  • Switch between currencies once all three areas are configured.

  • Manage account fixed exchange rates between your currencies.

Please note that this feature is only available for Operate Enterprise customers.

Enabling Multiple Currencies Across Operate

To enable the system wide use of multiple currencies, please follow the steps below:

  • Go to Settings > General

  • Select System > Operate Settings, then choose Billing Settings

  • In the Billing Settings area, scroll down to Multiple Currencies and check the checkbox to enable them.

  • Save your changes.

Setting up Organization Currencies

To manage the currencies being used within your organization, go to Settings > General > Organizations > Currencies. Here is where you will find a list of 30 pre-configured currencies that are ready to use with Operate. For the moment, no new currencies may be added.

You can edit an existing currency by clicking the pencil icon next to it.

If you click the currency name instead of the pencil icon, you will be taken to the currency details screen, where you can find information such as the currency name and code, as well as system information related to this currency.

Currency Formats Accepted

Set the Currency Format as well as the Number of Decimal Digits on this page.

To cater for all currencies, Operate allows the following 16 formats.

  • ###,###,##0.00 - period as decimal places and no spacing between numeric values i.e. 111,222,333.44, which is the default currency format in Operate

  • ###.###.##0,00 - comma as decimal place and no spacing between numeric values

  • ### ### ##0.00 - spacing by 3 numeric values and period as decimal places

  • ### ### ##0,00 - spacing by 3 numeric values and commas as decimal places

The currency symbol can be added at the start or at the end. Both spacing and no spacing between the symbol and numeric value is accepted.

i.e. €2,200.00 or 2,200.00 €

  • If no currency symbol is added, Operate will default to $

  • If an incorrect currency format i.e. ###.### ###,## is entered, it will default to $###,###,##0.00


  • Changes to a currency format will take affect after the system user logs out and back in to Operate.

  • Not all formats will be reflected in the reports module.

Set up Location Specific Currencies

If your buildings are located in different countries, you can set a specific currency for each of them. To do so, go to Space > Locations and click the pencil icon next to the one you want to configure. 

Next, go to the Information section and find the Currency field. Here is where you can select the Currency with which this Location operates. Please check your Location Page Layout in case you cannot find the Currency field. Please save your changes to ensure the update is made.

Switching Between Currencies

Once you have gone through the steps described above, you will be able to switch between the currencies that have been enabled for your Locations. For example, if the Location you are managing information for, you can switch to the currency that your Location works with. 

To switch currencies, use the dropdown found at the top right of your screen, next to your name. 

 Once you make this change, the entire Operate system will show your selected currency.

Please note that you need to have more than one currency set on your Locations in order for this dropdown to be displayed. If your Locations all have the same currency set, then it doesn't make sense to display the dropdown, so you will not see it. 

Setting up Exchange Rates

To set the currency exchange rate, go to Settings > General > Organizations > Exchange Rates. Click the pencil icon next to a currency in order to edit it. Set the exchange rate and click Save. The default exchange rate value for each currency is 1.00. This means that when processing an exchange transaction with another currency, 1.00 unit will be considered.

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