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Connect - Staff User Administration

Adding, removing and editing staff users within Connect

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Staff user administration lets you manage your account (including associating an extension with your account) as well as the accounts of other members of staff. Users can be assigned different access roles. For more information on roles, see Staff User Roles. To access user administration click the User Administration at the top of the screen.

Staff user page

The staff user page shows the following:

Add: This is where you can add individual members to a client account. See below for further instructions.

Edit: For existing users, where the same details in the Add section can be amended.
Delete: Delete the user from Connect. A prompt will be given as to whether you wish to proceed with deletion when this option in selected.

Assign Centres to user: Select which sites you want the user to have access to. Super Admins have access to all sites by default.

Resend Invitation: This resends an invitation to join Connect to the selected user.
Import: Import allows you to add several users to the system at once by downloading an Excel template, filling it in, and then uploading a completed version.

Adding or editing users

To create a new staff user at a site, first click the Add button at the top of the screen. If you wish to edit a user simply highlight them and click Edit.

You will then need to complete the following information:

Home site: The site the user will be based at the majority of the time. Once the home site is selected you will be able to then associate that user with a telephone extension that belongs to that site, as well assign the user Wi-Fi if that site has the username based Wi-Fi solution installed. By default the user will also have access to this site in Connect. This can be changed here if necessary.

Role: Different staff members will have different levels of access to Connect depending on their Role. For more information click here.

Associated Extension: Select the extension you want to assign to the user from the drop down list. This will then populate the extension with their name, as well as update the reception console (if used). Only extensions which belong to the Management Client of that site can be applied to that user. Your management client is the first client in the list of your client screen. To learn more about clients and management clients read the client article.

Wi-Fi: If the site is set up for username based Wi-Fi, this option allows you to add the Wi-Fi service to the user as you invite them.

When all mandatory fields have been filled, click Save or Save & Add next. An invitation email to join Connect will be sent to the user.

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