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Connect Telephone Manager
Introduction - Connect Telephone Manager
Introduction - Connect Telephone Manager

Familiarize yourself with the basics of the Telephone Manager within Connect, such as Call Forwarding.

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Telephone manager is where you can manage telephone features for all users and edit details. It can be found in the Clients page and accessed when a client is selected from the table.

There are two types of settings that can be changed, Client Settings and User Settings.

Client Settings

Client settings relate to changes that can be made to a client as a whole. When there is no user selected in the Telephone Manager, settings related the the Main Number can be adjusted. Users can be added to hunt groups and conference bridges, and group usage reports can be generated, but not all features can be accessed. The following features are available when editing the client:

User Settings

When editing users all options are available. Select the phone number you want to edit to continue. The following features can be accessed in addition to all of the features available in Client Settings:

  • Edit - make changes to a selected phone number. This is where numbers can be Enabled and Disabled.

  • Feature Setup: User Features allows telephone preferences to be set for a particular phone number.

  • Reports - Get the Call History and an Individual Report for a selected number.

  • Directories - Set up a Speed Dial directory for a phone number.

Status: This indicates whether the number is Active, meaning that it is working. Reserved where the number is not currently working but available for use after following the correct steps (Click here for instructions). Numbers that are in the process of changing status will be shown as Pending. Numbers that have been newly assigned at client creation will appear as Assigned, meaning that they will appear in the client's service guide without being activated.

DDI: This is a telephone number that can make and receive calls.

Extension: This is a number that can be used to make calls internal to a building/client. Use this number to call phones within your company. The phone icon next to the number will launch the Soft Phone and will dial this number directly from your browser.

PIN: This number is set by Connect at client creation. It is used to access voicemail. If you need to reset your pin, click here for instructions.

First Name & Last Name: These fields can be used to identify specific users, or to identify the phones with a specific team or room. For example, if these are left blank they will be set to default names. If a user is associated with a particular extension, First name and Last name will automatically populated by the name of this user. The fields will appear in grey and there will be a message saying 'Synchronized from User Manager'. For more information about associating a user with an extension click here.

Call forwarding: This shows the phone number to which calls will be forwarded, should you enable the feature for an active telephone number. Calls to the destination number will be chargeable if you enable this feature. Active numbers without this feature will say ‘Not Enabled’. For Reserved numbers this will say ‘N/A’.
It's important to note that any calls which are forwarded automatically count as a call made from your number, for billing purposes. 

Below is a video providing an overview on how to add telephony services in Connect:

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