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Connect: Adding and Managing Wi-Fi Users within Wi-Fi Manager
Connect: Adding and Managing Wi-Fi Users within Wi-Fi Manager

Adding users / members to Connect secure Wi-Fi with WiFi Manager

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Users need to be invited to Connect in order to access the user based Wi-Fi service. Once they have been added to Connect, you will be able to resend the clients Wi-Fi Secure details.

Inviting users to Connect

All users will need to be invited to Connect before being giving access to Wi-Fi Secure. Click here to find out more about inviting users to Connect.

Allocating username based Wi-Fi access 

Navigate to the Wi-Fi manager page.

Select the users you wish to give Wi-Fi access to and click save. 

The users will be sent an email from Connect with their username and randomly created password.

If users are using a Windows Operating System that is older than Windows 10, they will need to download a config file. 

More information for members, including a guide to logging into Wi-Fi Secure and downloading the Windows config file is available in our Member Knowledge Base

Resetting the WiFi Password

To reset the password for a Wifi Secure user, select the client in the Clients page and click Wi-Fi Manager

Select the user you would like to reset the password for and then click Reset Wi-Fi Password.

The user will receive a new email with the new credentials.

Updating concurrent devices

You can edit the number of concurrent devices a user is able to log into with their details by selecting the client in the Clients page and clicking Wi-Fi Manager.

Here you will see a list of users, select a user and click View Details.

You can choose to alter the amount of concurrent devices the user is allowed to use. This is automatically set to 3 devices. Click Save to update this change.

Below is a video taking you through the process of adding members to wifi secure:

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