Creating Opportunities for Meetings/Events or Virtual Clients/Memberships in essensys Operate

Add Opportunities for Meeting Rooms or Virtual Clients in essensys Operate

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The steps below apply for Meetings/Events or Virtual/Membership opportunities that you create by accessing: Sales > Opportunities > New > Opportunity. 

Add Basic /information

  • Select the Owner of the opportunity - the person responsible for managing the relationship with the potential customer.

  • Add an Opportunity Name

  • Select the Location

  • Select the Account Name associated to this opportunity

  • Select the Client Type that this opportunity might generate.

  • Choose an Opportunity Type. This covers whether the customer is new, whether it is an upgrade or a downgrade for an already existing customer who wants to make changes to their current space.

  • Choose a Lead Source - Simply select the source from the drop down list.

  • Select the Stage of this opportunity:

  • Checked In - The opportunity has turned into a customer and they have already checked in at your location.

  • Lost - The opportunity has been lost.

  • New Opportunity.

  • Tour Arranged - There is a tour already scheduled for the opportunity.

  • Toured - The prospect has already toured your location.

  • Under Offer - The prospect has received an offer from your organization and is awaiting feedback from the prospect.

  • Set the Lost Reason, if the opportunity Stage is Lost.

  • Enter the Enquiry Date.

Set the Deal Metrics

  • Set the Contract Type - A commercial lease or a licence.

  • Enter the Contract Term in months.

  • Add the Start Date.

  • Set the Term Days

  • Set the Amount for which the deal has been closed. This field is limited to 15 digits - if the amount is longer, the value will not save and will revert to "0".

  • Add a Close Date if you have closed a deal with this opportunity.

Save your opportunity when you are happy with it.

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