Credit notes are used when you need to credit a certain amount back to one of your customers.

To get started creating credit notes, go to Invoicing > Draft Credit notes and click New.

Add basic information to your credit note.

  • Select a Location.

  • Choose a customer’s Account - this is the customer who will be credited through your note.

  • Select the Reason of the credit note - either a billing error or a overcharge.

  • Choose a credit note Type - either a human or system error.

  • Add Comments if necessary - Here is where you can include any additional information that might be useful.

  • Add credit note Text - This could be a short explanation of your credit note or its reasons. 

Add Credit Note Lines 

  • Start by entering a Billing Period.

  • Search for the Product for which you want to credit the customer.

  • Add a Reference - This can be any reference information that you deem important for this particular charge. References are primarily related to billing dates or periods.

  • Enter a Quantity - The default value is “1”.

  • Make sure that the List Price is correct. The list price is without tax (which will be added as soon as you select a tax in the next field). The total charge will sum up the list price and tax amount.

  • Check that the Discount is correct (if there was any).

  • Check the Discounted Price.

  • Check the type of Tax.   

  • Ensure that the Total Price is correct.

  • Use the Add a new line button and follow the same steps to add a new credit note line.

  • Save your credit note when you are ready. 

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