Operations tasks help you to understand the operational information from your system, and to perform tasks on behalf of your customers, while the system is in use.

The operational tasks enabled by the essensys Platform include:

  • Analyzing the operation of your system using detailed reports.

  • Viewing and making ad hoc space bookings.

  • Raising Support cases with essensys, and viewing the progress of those cases. Note: These cases relate to infrastructure issues that you may be experiencing at your site.

  • Viewing monthly reports relating to billing for services and usage.

  • Creating and viewing essensys products and pricebooks, and viewing infrastructure prices.

Modelling Considerations

The Operations pages are used to monitor the essensys Platform in operation. The only features that are subject to modelling considerations are:

  • Booking spaces using the calendar.

  • Creating products and pricebooks.

Bookings relate to the ad hoc use of spaces, rather than the longer term lease to an occupier. Example: An occupier might want to book a meeting room for a one-off event, such as a training session or AGM. Spaces are only available for booking if:

  • The time of the booking is during site opening hours, and the booking fulfils any configured booking rules.

  • The configuration for the space defines its status as "bookable".

  • The space is not already booked or occupied, and nor are any of its parent spaces in the space hierarchy.

Note: The calendar tool will not allow you to book a space that does not satisfy the preceding criteria.

Products and pricebooks allow operators to sell bookings, services, leases, goods, and so on. Products are defined on a system-wide basis, but prices (defined in a pricebook) are associated with a particular site. Example: a booking product called 2-person meeting room indicates that there may be a room of this type at any site, but the pricebook for New York indicates what the cost of booking that type of space should be at the New York site.

Important: Infrastructure pricebooks can only be viewed in the essensys Platform. If you need more information about the infrastructure pricebook entries, please reach out to support.

How do I run operations tasks?

Before you begin

The operations tasks are only available when the essensys Platform is in use.

How do I access the Operations pages?

  • Click Operations in the main menu to open the Operations page.

The tasks that can be started from this page are all accessed from the tabs along the top of the page.

What do operations entail?

  • Analyzing the operation of your system using detailed Reports.
    You can run reports that allow you to analyze essensys Platform use at your site or across your sites. Reports are graphical, allow time-scale and scope configuration, and can be drilled into for more details.

  • Viewing space bookings and making ad hoc space bookings.
    You can use the Calendar view to book spaces either on behalf of your occupiers or to make them unavailable for booking (for example, to allow maintenance).
    Note: Spaces can only be booked if they are identified as bookable and currently available. See the preceding modelling considerations for more details.

  • Raising infrastructure Support cases with essensys, and viewing the progress of those cases.
    If you are experiencing technical issues with your essensys-managed infrastructure, you can raise and then monitor a support case within the essensys Platform. Support staff at essensys will review and resolve your cases in line with your contract.

  • Viewing monthly Billing reports.
    You can run monthly reports that relate to the billing associated with your services and usage.

  • Creating essensys products and pricebooks, and viewing infrastructure pricebooks.
    You can create Products that allow you to sell chargeable items, and that are connected with prices at the different sites using a Pricebook. You can also view infrastructure pricebook details.

Further information

  • If you create lease or booking products, you also need to associate the products with the spaces that can be leased or booked using the Edit space dialog in the Sites pages. This association links the price to the space.

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