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essensys Platform - Operations - View Infrastructure Pricebooks
essensys Platform - Operations - View Infrastructure Pricebooks

How do I view the infrastructure pricebook details? | Service Prices | Public IP, Bandwidth, Voice, and Other Service Prices |

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The Infrastructure Pricebook describes the content and pricing for infrastructure services. These services describe the infrastructure that you can assign and activate at particular sites, and how much that costs. The services are set up when your agreement with essensys is negotiated in the first instance and then on an ongoing basis. Once agreed, these services and their prices can be viewed as read-only in the essensys Platform.

Active services from the infrastructure pricebook can be assigned to occupiers or the operator at a site:

  • Occupiers can be assigned services under Occupier > <occupier name> > Services.

  • The operator can be assigned services under Account > Services.

Important: Assigning a service may not activate that service for immediate use. To use a voice service, for example, the voice service or services must be assigned to the occupier or operator, and the contract that the service is billed against must have started.

Accessing the Infrastructure Pricebooks

  1. In the main menu, click Operations.
    The Operations page opens.

  2. Select the <Site> whose infrastructure pricebook information you are interested in.

  3. Click the Infrastructure Pricebooks tab to view the infrastructure products associated with the selected site.

Tip: You can filter the view to show only those services that are currently active, or that are currently inactive (that is, that were sold in the past, when active, and are still in use). The drop-down list that controls this is present at the top-right of the page.

Tip: Click the Download icon to download all of the infrastructure pricebook details to a CSV file.

Infrastructure Pricebook Details



> Family

All products of the same type are grouped beneath the family level.

Product name

Each row beneath a family represents an individual service.

This is the short name.


The text beneath the name describes the service in full.
Example: A telephony service might include a number of handsets, and features such as IVR.

Cost price

The price that essensys charges the operator for the service.

Important: Where cost prices have the value 0.00, this may mean either of the following:

  • The service is free of charge.

  • For voice or bandwidth services, charges are calculated based on your contracted allocations and allowances and the usage at your site, rather than this value.

Refer to the Billing Usage Report for details of allocations, allowances, and usage charges at your site.

Sell price

The price that essensys recommends is charged when the operator sells the service to occupiers. The recommended retail price.


The number of occupiers that are currently consuming the product at the site.

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