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essensys Platform - Operations - Billing - Usage Reports
essensys Platform - Operations - Billing - Usage Reports

How do I report Bandwidth and Voice charges? | Billing | Usage | Overage | Allocation | Allowance | Reports

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The usage reports help you to calculate the charges associated with the contracted Bandwidth and Voice services consumed by the occupiers or account (operator) at your site or sites.

The month-to-date report describes how much use has been made of Bandwidth and Voice on a daily basis, including details of charges, allocations, and allowances if there are any. You can also look back to previous monthly reports.

View Usage Reports

Accessing the Usage Report Details

  1. Click Operations in the main menu.
    The Operations page opens.

  2. Click the Billing tab.

  3. If necessary, select the site whose billing report you want to view from the Sites list.
    Note: You can select All sites to report on the billing data across all of your sites.

  4. Select Usage from the report type drop-down list.

    Note: The voice usage report for the current month is selected by default.

  5. Optional, change the usage report type. The options are:

    • Voice (default) - View the allocation, allowances, and usage associated with contracted voice services.

    • Bandwidth - View the allocation, allowances, and usage associated with contracted bandwidth services.

  6. Optional, change the report date, by selecting a different date from the drop-down list at the top-right.

Tip: Click the Download icon at any time to download the report data as a CSV file. The filters selected in the view are applied to the downloaded report.

Usage Report Details

This type of report shows the allowances, allocations, and usage for the contracted voice or bandwidth services over the period of the selected month (top-right).


  • If the report is for a month in the past, the last day is the last day of the month and the total is the total for the month.

  • If the report is for the current month, the last day is the current day and the total is the month-to-date total.






Indicates the user type:

  • R - Residential

  • V - Virtual

  • All


The name for the row. For more details, see Rows.

Note: Each of the rows represents a price, allocation, allowance, or other value that is accumulating over the month.

Day #

Represents a day in the month. There is one day for each of the days of the month.

Monthly cost

  • If you are viewing a report for a month in the past, the total is the sum for this row for the month.

  • If you are viewing a report for the current (incomplete) month, it is the sum for the days of the month to date.




<occupier name>

Each of the rows before the Total Allocation row represents the usage for an occupier or operator at the selected site.

Total Allocation

The sum of all allocation used by each of the occupiers or operators in the report.


The amount that can be consumed each month without incurring a charge as per the essensys contract.

Total Usage

Any amount that is allocated above your allowance.
Calculation: Total allocation minus allowance.


Price per day.

Calculation: The price per month value divided by the number of days in the month.

Usage Daily Charge

The daily usage charge.

Calculation: The price per day multiplied by the total usage value, and rounded to 2 decimal places.

Usage Monthly Accrual

The sum of the daily usage charges:

  • On the last day of the month, this is the end of month charge.

  • On previous days, this is the running monthly total.

Calculation: Sum of any usage charges that have been incurred each day.

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