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What is a Conference Bridge and how to provide this service to your Clients

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A Conference Bridge allows many people to participate in a telephone call from their own phone line. A conference bridge works like a virtual meeting room where participants are able to call in to a shared telephone number, enter the specific ID and PIN and be placed into a conference call where they can talk with all other participants.

At your site, essensys provides a single shared telephone number which can be dialed into from anywhere in the world. When this number is called, you will be prompted to enter the specific ID and PIN of the conference bridge you'd like to join. A unique ID and PIN is able to be created through Connect to provide to your Clients which they can use to host their own conference calls.

You can create as many unique IDs for the Client as they have DDIs and there is no limit on the amount of users that can dial into the same conference call.

How To Setup

If a Client would like their own unique ID and PIN, so they are able to host their own conference calls at any time, these can be provided and managed through Connect.

Firstly, you must add a Conference Bridge service to the Client from the Manage Services menu. Add a quantity of this service to match how many unique IDs the Client would like. Once added to the Client, you can then enter the Conferencing menu from the Clients Telephone Manager where you have the ability to create your Conference ID for the Client.

Once in this menu, click Add to create your first ID for this Client. Select who the conference bridge is for and click Save. This will automatically generate and set up a unique ID for the Client.

The Conferencing menu will now display the:

  • Conference bridge number to dial - This is the telephone number all users will dial to enter the Conference Bridge from anywhere in the world.

  • Conference ID and Conference PIN - The virtual meeting room you have just created.

Provide these 3 numbers to your Client, and they are now able to host their own conference calls. 

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