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Recording a Payment in essensys Operate
Recording a Payment in essensys Operate

Adding a Payment to the Accounts Receivable Module in essensys Operate

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When a customer makes a payment to your organization, you can easily add it to Operate by going to Invoicing > Accounts Receivable and accessing your customer’s page. Simply click your customer’s name in the list to do so. On this page, you will find a Payment button. Click it to get started.

The next screen will allow you to set up your payment:

  1. Select the Date when the payment has been received.

  2. Enter a Reference for your payment. This will be visible on your accounts receivable screen and will represent the title of your transaction.

  3. Add comments if needed.

  4. Select a GL code.

  5. Select the payment type that has been used to process this payment.

  6. Enter the amount that has been paid.

  7. Notice that the amount is being displayed below, as un-allocated. You will need to allocate the sum to an outstanding invoice below.

  8. To allocate the amount paid to an invoice, find it in the list below, and enter it under the corresponding column. The sum will be automatically deducted from the total. If that particular invoice has been paid in full, you can simply click Allocate to allocate the amount to it. You can allocate the entire amount you have entered above to one invoice or split it into smaller amounts and allocate to multiple invoices.

  9. When you are ready, click OK to add the payment.

If a customer pays all of their outstanding invoices in full, you can use the Pay in Full button which will automatically allocate the full due amounts.

Please Note: To enable receipt creation upon completion of a manual payment, please ensure that:

  • The payment type is cash or check.

  • The user (your staff member) is able to issue a receipt - You can find this under Settings > General > General/Getting Started > Users - under the specific user's permissions, please enable “Sales Ledger: Produce Cash Receipt".

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