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Licence Agreement Renewal Process in Operate

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When a client’s licence expires, it either terminates, or it gets renewed. You can renew client licences in Operate either automatically or manually.

The renewals function is to be used on a licence which is continuous with the previous licence. For example a new licence will continue at the end of the previous licence.

Automatic licence renewals take place when you choose to auto renew the licence when setting it up. In this case, you can set the date on which the licence will automatically renew; as well as decide for how much longer it will continue.


To renew a client licence manually, go to Member > Licences and select the one you want to renew. On the Licence Detail Page, click the Renew button on the left side of your screen.

Next, set the date from which you would like to renew the Licence: 

A new licence will be generated, ready to be edited or activated. Note the details from the previous licence are duplicated. The exception being that the start and end date have moved forward.      

Change the opportunity type to renewal, the start date will be pulled forward but you will need to set the next review date (this part of the process needs to be done even if you are having no price changes).

Auto Renewal

  • To auto renew a licence, check the corresponding box, set the date when you would like the Licence to renew, then select for how many months. 

  • The auto renewal process automatically runs system wide, on a daily basis, processing all licences that are set to renew on that date.

  • The auto renewal will look at the end date of the licence and will also look at the notice period which has been assigned to the licence. If the end date – notice period = a date which is within the same month as the renewal date of the licence, then the licence will be renewed using the criteria specified in Operate. If the date is not in that month then it will not be renewed, it will wait until the renewal date is of the same month. 

  • A renewed licence does not need to be terminated. On the renewal date, Operate will process it automatically. The Rent, Virtual services and Contract services will be extended. The Licence End Date will be extended as well. Operate will process the automatic renewal on the same Licence record, without generating a new one. 

  • The new end date now becomes the next review date as well. Read more about renewing Licences.

  • Tip: if your Licence is set to auto-renew for a shorter period than 12 months -you will probably want to ensure the escalation is not using the renewal date unless the goal is to increase the licence more frequently then annual.

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