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Updating Leads through Web to Lead in essensys Operate
Updating Leads through Web to Lead in essensys Operate

The Web To Lead Update Process in essensys Operate

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1 . Create a web to lead form which creates the initial lead and page to page on your website (this should not include the field LeadUrn)

2. Create a web to lead form which captures the additional information your require. This should include the field LeadURN. This should be added to your website. When someone navigates to your website you need to look for the URL param leadid and take the number from this param and place it in the value field on the LeadURN field. See below

<label for="LeadId">LeadURN</label><input id="LeadId" name="LeadId" type="text" value="345" /><br>

You should also set the return URL to the onlineplan url adding &leadid=[LEADID]

3. Create email template which requests the additional information. This should contain a link to your website with the parameter ?leadid=[LEADID] i.e. If your url was then you should make the link[LEADID]

When this email template is merged it will replace [LEADID] with the Unique Record Numer of the lead

4. When the user fills in the 2nd web to lead it will be submitted to Operate and the return url will replace the [LEADID] on the return url which will then allow the lead to sign up

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