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Enabling and Customizing the Licence Checklist in essensys Operate
Enabling and Customizing the Licence Checklist in essensys Operate

A To-Do List Before You Activate Client Agreements in essensys Operate

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The Licence Checklist is a tool that you can use in order to track the progress of your agreements. It can contain different steps your business takes until a customer's licence is finalized. 

The Checklist is available for reference only and does not affect your ability to activate a Licence - which you can do regardless of the state of the Checklist, 

Enabling the Checklist

To enable the Licence Checklist, go to Settings > General > System > Operate Settings > Member Settings

Under the Licence section, make sure that Enable Checklist is ticked. 

Customizing the Check List 

To customize your licence check list, go to Settings > Customize > Licences > Check List

There are four default items which you will find both when creating a new licence, and in the above mentioned section; where you can add new items; edit or delete the pre-existing ones. The default items are:

  • Licence Agreement signed

  • Direct Debit Mandate

  • Payment Received

  • Proof of Identification

To add a new checklist item click New, at the top of the list.

Enter the content of your checklist item, then click Save.   

Use the pencil icon next to the checklist item to edit it or the red “x” to delete it.

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