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Disabling the Member Portal for External Clients
Disabling the Member Portal for External Clients

Restricting Member Portal Account Creation for External Clients

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If you don't want to provide Portal access to and enable a Profile for external clients (e.g.: who are only temporarily booking space and are not active in your community), you can do so by disabling the Portal from their contact profile (for existing clients) or by creating a workflow (for future clients). 

Disabling the Portal for Existing Clients

  • Go to Member > Contacts and find the contact for whom you want to disable the ports. 

  • Edit the contact using the green pencil icon next to it. 

  • Scroll down to Portal Info and ensure that Community Profile Active is unticked. 

Disabling the Portal for Future Clients 

To disable portal access for future clients, you need to set up a workflow that performs this action depending on the client type. 


To get started, go to Settings > General > Workflows, select the Portal folder and click New to create a new workflow. 

Step 1 - Give your workflow a name

Name your workflow and select the folder to which it belongs. 

Step 2 - Select the module this workflow is based upon

Under Select Object, choose Contact

Step 3 - Build the criteria and filters for this workflow

  • Select to evaluate the rule when a record is created

  • Run the rule if the following Criteria are met

  • Set the following filter: Client Type equals External

Step 4 - Enable this workflow

Tick the box to make the workflow active 

Step 5 - Save your Setup


Once you have configured the workflow criteria and filters, you will be taken back to the Workflow folder.  You can now add actions to the new workflow. 

To add an action to the workflow you just created, find it in the list and click into it. 

On the detail page, scroll down to Workflow Actions and click New.

The following screen will list a set of actions you can choose from. Select Field Update

To create your action, follow these steps:

Step 1 - Give your action a name

Enter the Action Name, for example: Disable Portal for New External Clients.

Step 2 - Is your action time based?

Our action will take effect as soon as the workflow triggers and therefore is not time based. Leave this box unticked. 

Step 3 - Select the field to update

  • Find and select Contact - Profile active

  • A checkbox will display underneath the field - please leave it unticked. 

Finally - Enable this workflow

Tick the box to make the workflow action active, then save your setup. 

Your action will now be listed on the Workflow Detail Page, under Workflow Actions and will trigger as soon as an External Client Type Contact will be added to Operate - either manually or via the portal. 

Your external clients WILL have access to the portal and will be able to make bookings, but they will no longer be provided with a Profile and Portal account access credentials.  

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