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Bluebox Financial Export from from essensys Operate
Bluebox Financial Export from from essensys Operate

How to Export Transactions from essensys Operate to Bluebox

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Operate has the ability to output a CSV file to an agreed FTP location. This can then be imported into Bluebox.

This makes it possible to pass invoice information from Operate to Bluebox.


  • Users of Operate should not issue invoices from Operate

  • Clients will not be able to purchase a service online (as this would create an Invoice)

  • Clients will be able to book meeting rooms and associated services and add to their account

  • If a client requests a copy invoice it must come from Bluebox not Operate

  • The Sales Ledger or Accounts Receivable section in Operatewill be disabled, as all payments and receipts will be handled via Bluebox

How to export the Bluebox file from Operate

Once you have completed the bill run and consolidated all of the non-recurring charges for items such as meeting rooms and call charges, you can then export these charges.

To do this, click on Settings> Integrations

You then need to choose Bluebox from the list of Operate integrations, install, then open the integration 

Then click on Post to Bluebox.

You will come to a screen where you can choose which transactions you would like to export:

  • Choose the Organisation, timeframe and location of the export

  • Select which Transactions you would like to post to Bluebox

  • Click on Post to proceed with the export

If this is the first time you are doing the export, you will be prompted to enter the FTP location details to which you would like to export the transactions.

Once you have posted the transactions to Bluebox an event log will be created. This will capture who has carried out the export and also the date and time at which it occurred.

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