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Member Portal - Adding a Payment Method for PlacePay (Formerly RentShare)
Member Portal - Adding a Payment Method for PlacePay (Formerly RentShare)

Managing Your Member Portal Payment Settings and Methods

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The Operate Member Portal allows users to add two types of payment methods when using PlacePay (Formerly RentShare): Bank Account and Credit/Debit Card. 

See here more information about setting up and configuring PlacePay in Operate, and here for more detail about how clients can make payments using PlacePay.

Adding new PlacePay payment methods

A payment method may be added when making a first payment on the portal but also without making a payment. 

To add a payment method, without making a payment, start by hovering over your username in the main menu bar, then selecting Payment Settings

Next, click Manage Account

You will be presented with the following window, which allows you to:

  • Set a payment method, under With

  • View the fee applicable to your payments.

  • Turn Autopay on or off using the toggle - this allows you to enable or disable recurring payments on the portal - e.g. for your monthly rent invoices. 

If there is an existing payment method, you will see it listed under "with". Click the dropdown and select Add a New Payment Method

You will have the possibility to either add a Bank Account or a Credit/Debit Card. 

There is no fee for bank account payments. For Credit Card payments, PlacePay charges a 2.99% transaction fee;

To add a Bank Account, select the corresponding tab, then enter the required information: 

  • Your Account Number - enter then confirm it.

  • The Routing Number - Also called an RTN. If you do not have it, please contact your bank to obtain it.

  • Your Full Name.

To add a Credit/Debit Card, first select the corresponding tab then enter the required information: 

  • Your Card Number.

  • The Security Code on your Card.

  • The Name on your Card.

  • Your Card's Expiration Date.

  • Your Address - Please enter your address exactly as shown in the example in the field; otherwise it will not be validated. 

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