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essensys Platform - Smart Access - Account team members

How do I grant access to my account team members? | Add operator user | Activate | Smart Access | Offline access | Card ID | Access groups

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Assign Smart Access to account team members as part of the account team member creation process. These are users who work for the operator. These team members can open particular doors at your site or sites using their access devices.

Important: This topic describes the changes associated with the Create account team members functionality when Smart Access is in use. An additional page is added to the Add a team member wizard, from which you can:

  • Assign the team member an access device (card), by capturing their card ID.

  • Associate the team member with one or more groups; indicating which doors they should be able to open.

  • Activate access control for the team member; granting them access rights when they tap their devices, and, optionally, granting them those access rights even when the site is offline.

Note: When you edit your team member, you can manage their Smart Access set up; activating and deactivating them on Smart Access, and capturing their card details. Their groups are updated in the separate Manage groups dialog box.

Create an operator team member with Smart Access

From Account > Team members:

  1. Follow the standard process to create an account team member.
    Because you have Smart Access, an additional Smart access page is present in the wizard:

  2. In the Smart access page, specify:

    1. The Smart Access status for the team member, and details of their access card. For more information, see Smart Access set up.

    2. The details of the Smart Access groups that the user should be a member of. For more information, see Smart Access groups.

  3. Click Add team member.

The new account team member is created with Smart Access details as defined.

Note: If the new team member is created with Smart Access activated and they are assigned a Card ID, they will be able to open the doors associated with their active groups using their access card.

Team Member Details - Smart Access

Add a team member with Smart Access

Page: Account > Team members > Add a team member.

Smart Access set up



Access control

  • Activate

Optionally, click Activate to enable Smart Access for this user when the site is online.

Note: When access control is active, the user is associated with active groups, and the site is online, they can open the doors associated with their groups.

Tip: You can also deactivate this option, stopping the card from being used to open doors.

Card ID

The identifier associated with the access device (card) used to open doors by this user.

The Card ID must be unique within the essensys Platform. If it is not, you will not be able to save the details.


  • This numeric value is typically found on the reverse of the card.

  • If you do not know your Card ID, you can tap your card on a card reader and then look in the Access logs to find it.

Offline access

  • Activate

Optionally, click Activate to let the user access spaces when Smart Access is offline.
Note: Users with offline access can continue to enter spaces that they normally have access to even though the site is offline.

Smart Access groups

Select the groups that this team member should be added to. When the team member is created, they will be added to any group in the Selected groups column.



Available groups (per site)

  • Select all

  • Select <group>

The groups organized by site. Moving groups from this column into the right-hand Selected groups column selects them for the user.

  • To select individual groups for this user, click the arrow icon to the right of a group name.

  • To select all of the groups at a site, click the arrow icon alongside select all.

The groups that will be assigned to the team member when you save are shown in the right-hand panel.

Selected groups

The groups assigned to this team member, organized by site.

  • To break the connection between the user and all groups associated with a particular site, click the cross X alongside the site name.

  • To break the connection between the user and a particular group, click the cross X alongside the group name.

Any deselected groups are removed from the list. The user will not derive access rights from formerly selected groups.

Further information

  • Deleting a team member removes all of their details, including their Smart Access details.

  • When I delete a team member, they can no longer open doors with their access card, and their card details are removed from the system.
    Tip: This means the card can be reassigned to another user, access user, or team member.

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