We use automatically generated emails for a number of features within Connect. The most common are invitations to register, WiFi Secure invitations and password reset emails.

If you or your client aren't receiving, or can't find these emails, then follow these steps before raising a support case.

Check Junk and Clutter folders

Many people use Outlook to view and manage their email. Outlook will generally have a Junk folder, and a Clutter folder. Because our emails are automatically generated and usually contain links to websites, they might be incorrectly classified as Spam by your email provider. Make sure to check these folders, running a search for the words 'connect' and 'essensys' may make it easier.

If you do find the email in your junk or clutter folder, you can forward it to us to investigate why it has been sent there. To do this, we'll need to view the e-mail header. To help us do this, please send us the email as an attachment. We explain how to do that here. This will help us to understand what went wrong and to continue to improve our service. 

Add us to your safe sender list

If you still can't find the email, try adding us to your safe senders list and then sending the email again. In most versions of Outlook you can do this by following these steps:

  • Click the 'Home' tab

  • In the 'Delete' section, click on the 'Junk' button

  • In this drop down menu, click 'Junk E-Mail Options'

  • In the new window, click the 'Safe Senders' tab

  • Click 'Add', type the following then click ok:

  • Click Apply then close and try to send the email again.   

Depending on your IT setup, you may need your service provider/IT manager to do this for you. Simply ask them to add to your safe sender list.

Make sure it's a valid email address

This might seem obvious, but as the email addresses are typed in by hand, accidents do happen! Make sure to review the email address entered into Connect and ensure it's in the right format with no typos.

You can test email addresses by sending a test email from your own work email, or a personal Gmail account, these are unlikely to be blocked due to having no content that could be considered 'spam'.

Raise a support case

Once you've exhausted all of the above options and still can't find your email, please raise a support case with us. Make sure to include the email address you're trying to send to, the rough time you attempted to send it and to describe what steps you've taken so far to troubleshoot.

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