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Adding a Purchase Order Number to an Invoice Template

How to add a Purchase Order or PO number to an Invoice Template

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Typically, when creating an invoice template on Operate you have access to the default fields such as tenants name, address and item details. However, you may require additional fields like a PO on the invoice template.

To add the PO to the Invoice template we'll need to first create a Custom Field then make sure it's added to our page views and then finally make sure it's added to the Invoice Template, this guide will take you through each step.

Creating the Custom Field

To create a custom field for your Account, follow this guide. You'll want to make sure it's a Text field so the number and text can be added to the Invoice template.

Adding the Field to your Page Layout

Once the Custom Field is created you'll need to make sure the field is added to your Page Layout so it can be changed within the Account page. See this guide here to help.

Adding a Custom Field to an Invoice Template in Operate

Once you have created your custom field it’s time to add it to the existing invoice template. To do this, you’ll need to follow the steps outlined here.

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