If you decide to stop using Operate and terminate your essensys Licence, we are able to provide some of the data upon termination.

A .CSV file will be provided to you that will include the following key customer data: 

  • Organizations
  • Locations
  • Customer Account data (including account start date and deposit amount)
  • Customer Contact data
  • Products & Product Groups

Please note that the file we provide does not contain any of the following, which can be retrieved from custom reports if you require this information:

  • Leads
  • Opportunities
  • Prospect Accounts
  • Customer Balances / Invoices

Accounts Receivable Reports will be the most appropriate to run if you require financial information, while Printed Invoice Detail Reports will allow you to retrieve data on your invoiced amounts. 

It is up to you when to run these reports, as long as this is prior to the account termination date.

Notice of data return needs to be given at termination time, and the data will be provided within 30 days. 

There is currently no SQL backup or database access after termination.

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