In Operate, your Organization represents the legal entity that you conduct business under. It is also the module that you link your payment processor/gateway to.

Organizations are not to be confused with Locations/Sites, which represent the physical buildings where your Organization is providing services from. 

For most single location operators, the Organization information and Location information is often identical.

For operators who have multiple locations, there are a few scenarios.

You may have a "one to one" relationship where there is a separate organization for every location (this would be the case if each of your locations has a different bank account - as the payment gateway for credit card payments is configured at Organization level).

You may also have a "one to many" relationship where there is one Organization associated with all locations (this would be the case if each of your locations all had the same bank account, as only one Organization is required for credit card payments for all Locations)

To configure your organization details within Operate, start by going to Settings > General > Organizations > Organizations.

Here is where you will find a list of your pre-existing organizations and create new ones, using the New button at the top.

To edit an organization’s details, click the Pencil icon next to it.

Add the basic information, such as contact details or company identification information.

Add Bank Details- Please note that these fields are only for informational purposes but maybe required to be displayed on your member invoices.

Upload a Logo - Here is where you can upload a logo that will be displayed on all documents related to your organization (such as invoice and licence agreements). Simply click Upload Image to get started.  

Browse your computer for the desired image, then use the handles around it to crop if necessary. Click Crop & Save to complete adding your logo. 

Click Save to complete your setup.

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