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Checking and Confirming Provisional Bookings in Operate
Checking and Confirming Provisional Bookings in Operate

How to find and confirm provisional bookings within your Operate calendar

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When adding new bookings to your Operate Calendar, they can either be confirmed (final) or provisional (temporary, subject to change/cancellation). 

When you need to confirm an existing provisional booking, you can do so by going to your Calendar, then selecting the List view. This is the easiest way to see all of your bookings for the month. Provisional bookings will be in blue. 

Click a booking to reveal the booking menu on the right.

If you know for sure that all of the details of this bookings are accurate, you can go ahead and click Confirm Booking. Otherwise, you can edit the booking and adjust it as needed. 

As soon as you confirm, Operate will ask whether you want to create a confirmation booking form to send to your customer. Click Yes to create the form, preview it and make sure it looks good, then click Print or Email to send it to your customer.  At this point, if you want to make any changes to your Booking form, you can edit it right after generation. You do not need to adjust the template, you can just enter your desired information within the existing form. 

That's it. Your booking is now confirmed. You can read more about bookings in Operate by going to the Calendar section of the Knowledge Base.

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